Anthony D. Altavilla Launches Fraud Tips Blog

Anthony D. Altavilla of Carmel, Indiana shares his knowledge of fraud and fraud prevention tips. Anthony D. Altavilla has worked in finance long enough to understand the severity of fraud in the U.S.

Online PR News – 26-August-2011 – – Anthony D. Altavilla, a business professional in Carmel, Indiana, is tired of seeing people become victims of fraud. He knows that people who have the knowledge and the skills can quickly and easily swindle others out of their hard-earned money. Education is key to leveling the playing field and helping people avoid fraud traps. That's why Anthony D. Altavilla has started a new anti-fraud website:

Tony Altavilla has been a successful businessman for decades. He's worked with honesty and integrity, helping clients both large and small to make good decisions. He spent more than 10 years on Wall Street, trading stocks and bonds and learning how stock traders work, think and operate. This business experience makes Anthony D. Altavilla a fraud expert, able to spot the common tricks and tangles people use to swindle people who may not be so hip or financially savvy.

Tony Altavilla's web site will be in the form of a searchable blog. People will be able to go to the blog and read up on how to protect their money, their personal information, their privacy and their financial security. Tony Altavilla hopes it will become a go-to site that people will use long before they make some other sort of financial decision. Tony Altavilla might talk about how certain types of stocks are traded, for example. He might discuss how companies use private information. He might discuss how to determine if a deal is simply too good to be true.

Anthony D. Altavilla has worked extensively with community groups as a volunteer, so he knows how to explain topics and give advice in language that everyone can understand. In his experience as a member of the board of The Burn Foundation in Indianapolis, for example, Anthony D. Altavilla worked with burn victims and their families, helping them to find shelter and essentials. He knows what it takes to help people who are frightened and he speaks to them in a calm, reassuring way. This voice comes through in his blog writing, and readers are sure to find it helpful.