Roaring to the Rescue: A New Spear Fishing Adventure in Belize Hopes to Protect Caribbean Ecosystems

In an effort to curtail the harmful effects of the invasive lionfish, Hamanasi is announcing a new spear fishing adventure.

Online PR News – 26-August-2011 – – Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort
CONTACT: Dana Krauskopf
TEL: 571-405-7664

HOPKINS, Belize- Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort located in Southern Belize is offering a new Lionfish Spear Fishing Adventure. Lionfish are an invasive species in the Caribbean that aggressively eat juvenile fish, posing a significant threat to local fish populations. Belize is supportive of efforts to rid its waters of this voracious eater.

This new spear fishing adventure begins with a briefing describing the lionfish followed by a scientific explanation of the threat the lionfish poses to the Caribbean and how hunting the species can help. Divers will travel to Belize’s Southern Barrier Reef with a private Divemaster for a two-tank trip.

On the first dive, the Divemaster will point out lionfish and its habitat. Next there will be a demonstration on how to spear and bag the fish. During the surface interval, divers learn how to clean the fish. On the second dive, divers with adequate skills; including buoyancy control, can test their skills at spear fishing. All lionfish caught will be recorded and used for the table.

Lionfish originated in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. According to a fact sheet created by the USGS, REEF (Reef Environmental Education Foundation), NOAA, and St. Fraser University, they were introduced in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean by the US aquarium trade in the 1980s. Their venomous spines pose a danger to divers and swimmers. Their appetites and lack of natural enemies in these waters, can lead to heavy losses in native marine species. For more information about lionfish and negative effects in the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean visit

Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort is a PADI Gold Palm Resort situated on the central coast of Belize. Hamanasi specializes in award-winning customer service while offering guests the Best of Belize on and offshore. Accommodations include cozy beachfront rooms, deluxe tree houses in the Coastal Littoral Forest, and spacious honeymoon suites all displaying casual elegance. Hamanasi was the first beachfront resort in Belize to receive Green Globe certification and is dedicated to being a premier provider of sustainable accommodations and eco-tourism in Central America.

For more information about Hamanasi or the new Lionfish Spear-hunting Adventure contact Dana Krauskopf at or call 571-405-7664.