Android WIIA 2.1 Home Security Camera App Is Released - Eliminate Accidental Burglar Encounter

FBI stats report 35 million home burglaries have been committed in the USA over the past 15 years and there will be at least that many going forward into the next 15 years. More information on

Online PR News – 25-August-2011 – – “It is not uncommon for a residential occupant to come home and find that some one has broken into their home says WIIA spokesperson Carl Robinson.” He explained that “The recently released WIIA 2.1 for Google Android camera phones is easy to set up. Download WIIA 2.1 Home Security Camera app from the Android Market, touch “install” and you have a 100% cellular covert surveillance system. It detects an intruder and send pictures direct to the users’ personal cell phone while you are away, where ever you are, 24/7 – 365 days a year. There is no third party or police delays in responding and no false alarms are eliminated.

The almost instantaneous cell phone to cell phone photo warning reduces the risk of being injured or killed by a burglar surprise encounter-in-one's-own-home. WIIA 2.1 home security camera alarm pictures are direct verification of a burglar break-in for fast police response and court best evidence for just a few cents a day.

Just about everyone today has a cell phone Robinson says, why not use them to protect life and property. This is a simple budgetwise powerful solution to an ugly and destructive problem.”

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