Action Training Systems Releases Innovative Vehicle Extrication Training Videos

Vehicle Extrication is a 7-course series released by Action Training Systems to train emergency responders in the classroom with interactive videos and companion materials.

Online PR News – 26-August-2011 – – Kingston, WA, August 24, 2011 -- Every day across America and Canada, there are hundreds of vehicular accidents, often leaving citizens trapped inside their vehicles and in need of emergency care. There are techniques that our emergency responders must be proficient in to safely extract the often injured occupants of the vehicles, as well as keep themselves and other responders safe on the accident scene. Vehicles must often be stabilized, electrical systems disabled and the actual extrication depends on the most safe and accessible point of the vehicle at the accident scene.

Training officers need excellent classroom training videos as part of the overall training regimen—videos that show their rescue team members realistic content, techniques for the stabilization of the vehicle and the extrication of the patient, as well as a learning system that reviews and tests their retention of the demonstrations they see in the classroom.

Showing vehicle extrication techniques using real emergency responder personnel is Vehicle Extrication, a 7-course series available on classroom DVD or the interactive CBT (computer based training), which has shown to increase student knowledge retention by up to 50%. Trainers appreciate the quality of the Action Training Systems content because real extrication crews provided the demonstrations, which were shot on realistic locations with the actual equipment used daily on the roads of North America. This is an essential part of firefighter training for professionals and volunteer firefighters.

The training is as close to reality as you can get, but at the same time it always emphasizes the safety aspects of the response – how to respond to dangerous situations. That’s what makes this series so unique – its authenticity and the realism in the training content.

This series includes courses like Incident Overview, Stabilization, Hazard Control and Safety, Initial Procedures, Door and Sidewall Procedures, Roof and Trunk Procedures and Interior Procedures. These courses were all developed with the consultation and input of renowned subject matter experts that are personally experienced in the techniques of real life vehicle extrications.

Unlike much of the amateurish video and outdated coursework professional trainers report experiencing with new online training courses, Action Training Systems is a multimedia development company that has accompanied first responders on calls for over 20 years, shot thousands of hours of video footage in the field and is a worldwide leader in providing innovative training systems for emergency responders. ATS offers the highest quality content and videos that are up to date to the latest national standards.

Action Training Systems provides quality video demonstrations on DVD and interactive CBT (computer based training) programs and simulator programs on the Iluminar Learning Management System (LMS) software platform. All programs are reviewed by renowned subject matter experts aiding in content creation through the production of multimedia training tools, which is why ATS is renowned for its exceptional real life content.

Other training systems include municipal firefighter training, EMS, HAZMAT, Fire Service Rescue, First On Scene, Fire Officer 1, Industrial Fire Brigades, The Essentials of Fire Fighting and more. For more information, visit

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