Blanket America Launches Video on YouTube

Blanket America Charity Recently Releases YouTube Video Displaying The “Patchwork Heritage Bedding Set Collection”

Online PR News – 02-January-2010 – – blanket america Charity Recently Releases YouTube Video Displaying The “Patchwork Heritage Bedding Set Collection”

Apart from its Facebook pages and Twitter account, Blanket America can also be found on YouTube with several videos narrating the story and the goals of the organization. This was done in order to continue spreading the word of charity and unity and to reach out to more and more supporters not only within America but also from around the world. Along with supporters like Gifts in Kind International,, QVC, and JC Penney, Blanket America is definitely off to a great warm start.

Blanket America is a charitable organization that was born out of President Barack Obama’s inaugural speech on unity, strength, and community. In his speech, the president praised his country and the people for its “patchwork heritage”, which brought about the beginning of Blanket America and the beginning of a helpful project as well. The Patchwork Heritage Quilt is Blanket America’s main product and through the Buy 1, Give 1 model, every quilt that is sold, blankets are donated to needy families left out in the cold this winter. This model was adopted in order to take into action the charity’s slogan, “What if the greatest economy in human history matched what it consumed with what is donated?”

The Patchwork Heritage Quilt comforters are made with a rare and unique design that is hardly matched by other statement quilts sold in today’s market. It can be used as a tapestry for the home or a piece of decorative yet comfortable bedding for the bedroom. The front is designed with 13 eye-catching fabrics that represent the 13 colonies while the back has President Obama’s January 20 inaugural speech printed on a beautiful Lady Liberty background. Depending on the size, the prices for the quilt can range from $59.99 to $99.99 and each time a consumer purchases a Patchwork Heritage Quilt gives other needy families a chance to own a well-crafted blanket from Blanket America.

Many people, as well as companies from all over the country, have shown their support for Blanket America’s cause. QVC, for instance, has arranged a show featuring the charity and will be broadcasted on December 28 at 6pm and 29 at 7am and 2pm., JC Penney, NBC, and Fast Company have also shown their support for Blanket America by featuring the Patchwork Heritage Quilt in their respective websites. Those who are interested can also visit Blanket America’s Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter pages in order to share their best wishes and stories with others.

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