The Shyne School- First day of school starts Sept 6th. Redmond - Woodinville Daycare & Preschool

The Shyne School provides the best day care and pre school facilities. The School believes in providing a fun filled environment where a child learns through activities, play and fun. Excellent communication with parents and regular update ensures the special care provided to every child.

Online PR News – 23-August-2011 – – Woodinville, Washington – The Shyne School is the best available redmond daycare, redmond preschool and woodinville preschool. The myriad of facilities provided at the Redmond Daycare, Redmond Preschool and Woodinville Preschool are:

• Professional Staff who take care of each and every child and offer support to children and families through daily communication and parent conferences.

• The picturesque wooded setting provides a homey atmosphere.

• Toddler and Preschool programs which augment Social, emotional, cognitive, creative and physical development of the child.

• Providing safe and secure learning environments where children learn and grow into capable individuals.

• Providing flexibility for family schedules and individual children.

• Low turnover rate that helps in providing a high level of care.

• Developing a great relationship with families so as to understand the child’s requirements better and how to address them.

• Excellent meal service, which is healthy and nutritious.

• Teachers document the children’s learning and set up times to meet with parents for conferences once a year or upon request.

• Parents have the flexibility to choose from three different daily schedules for toddlers (one year olds) through Pre-Kindergarten (5 year olds).

• Having annual family events and community projects throughout the year.

The school has set high standards of quality in service, being offered with flexible, safe and affordable learning programs.

"One of the best daycare and preschool facilities in Redmond, the school has provided the best possible educational guidance for the development of a child. The child is provided excellent care and they share an amazing relationship with families.”- D. Edwards

As the best Woodinville Preschool, the school provides an excellent curriculum to nurture all the areas of development. The staff provides documentation, and parent communication, so that parents understand what is happening at their child’s school.

The Daycare and Preschool programs are aimed at building a sense of community where everyone belongs. Children are supported while learning and growing in all areas of development. The programs are planned such that it adds to the overall growth of the child’s Social, emotional, cognitive, creative and physical development. Involvement of Parents is highly appreciated and best in class facilities are provided to the children.

Announcement: First day of schools starts September 6th and the school is almost full. We still have an opening for our Rainbow Room classes and have started a waiting list for all other classes. As the school maintains a low turnover ratio, in order to provide the best possible attention to every child, hurry up to grab an opening that is going to catapult your child’s educational build up.


As the leaders in educational field since 1983, the school has been consistently providing excellent educational, play focused programs for young children. It’s regarded as one of the most consistent school which has been successfully delivering great opportunities for students to develop critical thinking skills. The Shyne School is located in Woodinville, Washington which is hardly 1 mile south of Redmond city limits, on Avondale Road. The highly efficient and dedicated teams of teachers give proper attention to every child and provide activities that the student shows an interest in.

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