Your Fix of Fun and Writing Info Now Rewards Most Active Users

Fan of the Week at nominees at Your Daily Fix of Awesome to be rewarded to encourage all user engagement on our fun and info-rich website

Online PR News – 24-August-2011 – – LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, AUGUST19, 2011– Your Daily Fix of Awesome proudly introduces a new application on our Facebook page called Fan of the Week. This rewards our most active users and fans for their loyalty and participation on our website. We look forward to encouraging all our fans and users to take advantage of all the fun content we assemble from all over the internet.

Our online project has truly become a daily necessity for a huge number of fans on Facebook. Like morning coffee, orange juice, chocolate, or a hot shower, the day just doesn’t go right without it. Our readers who visit us frequently just can’t get enough of the humor, news, and useful tips and advice that we post there.

We want to reward these enthusiastic users. Our staff also wants to encourage others to visit often. We hope that they will use the funny pictures, intriguing infographics, silly videos, and celebrity goofiness to cheer up, chill out, and get the low-down on news and trivia.

The website also has a serious element. In fact, that is the whole point of our project. We want to create a safe space online where students can check for advice and tips on writing, research, relations with instructors and fellow students, and have fun.

To achieve this, our staff, and invited guest bloggers are calling on their own years of experience and academic careers. They are answering common and uncommon questions with insights and suggestions to help current students.

Additionally, our staff mines the internet so that our readers need never fear that too much studying will leave them out of the loop of news, celebrity gossip, and jokes. They can also safely get writing tips and the reviews of the latest techie toys all on one site.

Because we know that our fans access the net everywhere, we ensure that the content will not embarrass viewers. The resulting paroxysms of laughter might cause their beverage to spurt out of their noses, however.

Now that we have the technology to nominate our most active users of all this great stuff, we want to reward them. We hope tall our users will join us more often. The project is two-way, as well, and the more users who communicate their needs and concerns, the better and more relevant our content can become.

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