Collection Agency Kicks Off Another Year of Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

American Profit Recovery Starts a Company-wide Effort to Raise Even More Money for Cancer Research

Online PR News – 23-August-2011 – – American Profit Recovery, a collection agency based in Michigan, Massachusetts and North Carolina, is kicking off another year of raising money for the annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walks in the cities they have offices in. This will be the company’s fourth year.

In 2010, American Profit Recovery participated in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walks in three cities, raising a total of $15,500. The collection agency had over 90 walkers recruited to be part of the team this past year including employees and others. Over the past few years, APR has raised over $25,000 for this initiative coming from walkers and employees, as well as donations from the ownership.

Their efforts for 2011 started recently with the company’s Employee Week in which the ownership and management pay tribute to all the employees of the company. The week also serves as a way for employees to get involved in fundraising for the Making Strides walks by participating in a number of fun initiatives during office hours.
Everyone has the ability to contribute to the team’s fundraising goals by paying for

casual dress in September, and during Employee Week, they have the option of paying to have a fellow employee wear a clown costume for a day for the right price. There are also carnival games on-site at their offices and other fun ways to donate at the workplace.

“Breast cancer is a serious topic and our efforts to raise as much money as we can are also serious”, states Jeff DiMatteo, a partner at American Profit Recovery. “However, we understand that by having some fun while raising money can only increase what we raise for this fine organization and we can do our part to help fund early detection and various treatments.”

American Profit Recovery is scheduled to take part in Walks in Boston on October 2, Detroit on October 15 and Charlotte on October 29. The team will continue to raise money in many different ways including asking for pledges and raising even more money internally.

About American Profit Recovery:
American Profit Recovery (APR) is a collection agency with offices in Massachusetts, Michigan and North Carolina. Founded in 2004, APR specializes in the collection of third-party debt in industries such as medical/dental, banking, trades, lawn care and other professional services. With early intervention and a strong focus on ethics and diplomacy with consumers, APR works hard to preserve the relationship between client and consumer with an ultimate goal of keeping the business relationship intact. The firm serves approximately 3,500 clients nationwide. American Profit Recovery and their team have earned many awards including Best Places to Work in Collections, Most Influential People in the Collection Industry and most recently the ACA International Fellow Award for the Agency’s support of programs such as Ask Dr. Debt and other consumer advice programs. 800-711-0023

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