Virtual Paralegal Services Moving Forward

CEO Kurt Danskin gives a critical update to the Virtual Paralegal Services being offered

Online PR News – 24-August-2011 – – CEO of Office Remote Control, Kurt Danskin, recently announced exciting progress in the official launching of Virtual Paralegal Services. The launch is set for mid-October 2011.

Danskin stated that meetings with several attorneys have been very productive in outlining, in detail, the expectations of potential clients as well as a code of ethics for the virtual paralegals.

Paralegal Services are hard enough to come by especially for the smaller firms. Reliability and efficiency are key and most firms do not have the luxury of 'policing' their paralegals. This results in a high turn-around rate.

Office Remote Control, LLC is facing these and other problems head-on. They have contracted with a law firm and attorney who will assist in overseeing the paralegals on the team, providing necessary support and encouragement while maintaining the all-important line between employee and independent contractor.

"We work especially hard to keep our independent contractors from inadvertently being treated as or becoming employees", stated Danskin in a recent release.

Virtual Paralegal services is a relatively new arena that is seeing an increase in interest. People are jumping on board yet Office Remote Control is not rushing this at all. The key is to make sure it is done right. The company is working very hard to establish a precedence in the hiring practices of Virtual Paralegals. They recognize the importance of establishing guidelines.

The company has been interviewing paralegals for several months and continues to do so. They can be contacted through their website at The job requirements are strick in that they are only interested in hiring certified, degreed, and experienced paralegals. "Unfortunately there isn't much room for error when it comes to virtual paralegal work", Danskin commented. "Neither side has the luxury of face-to-face contact with one another and the paralegal absolutely must be able to work independently."