Tech Company to Offer Next Generation of Local Real Estate Marketing

First Page Network announces the nation-wide roll-out of its hyperlocal internet marketing platform, licensed exclusively to top real estate brokers on a town-by-town basis.

Online PR News – 23-August-2011 – – It is the best of times and it is the worst of times in our little niche of online marketing for real estate.

Thankfully, we’re not in the Wild West of 2005 anymore when our team first started out in the real estate technology world.

By now there is widespread acceptance in the industry that consumers are moving more and more of the home search process online.

We hear ad nauseam about how 90% of home buyers are using the Internet in their search process.

We’ve seen the emergence of online brokerages like Redfin and CondoDomain conducting a large portion of their business entirely through their VOWs – attracting, engaging and converting all of their clients over the Internet.

We’ll put away the sales pitch, but suffice it to say anyone serious about being on top of his or her game as a Realtor® has come to the realization that you simply must engage with clients online in some capacity in the crucial early-search phase.

The Details Yes, but the Devil is Really in the Execution

The trouble is as an individual agent, broker or team, maintaining a cohesive online campaign for your individual brand in a manner that is cost effective, time efficient and productive is easier said than done.

The options for the individual office or agent at this point basically boil down to the following:

1) Manage a campaign yourself – blogging, updating social media profiles, uploading listings to syndication portals, and buying yourself a more comfortable chair since you will be spending a lot more time chained to your desk;

2) Bear the expense of hiring a devoted assistant to take care of it, or divert your team and office resources from transactions and client service; or,

3) Throw money at (effectively) a banner ad on one of a host of crowded online portals and hope for the best.

None are particularly appealing – or profitable.

The bottom line is your time and energy should be devoted to engaging with clients, closing deals, at listing meetings and showing homes – in brief, all of the things that successful brokers do well.

Where so many of the online resources in the industry miss the mark is forgetting that so much of this business is ultimately about time management and hustle.

The last thing we need is another Q&A forum, “social network for Realtors”, or any other time-wasting combination thereof.

Be judged by the service you provide to your clients, not some meaningless tally of “contributions” you’ve made to a website.

Where We’re Making Our Mark

First Page Network’s goal is to bridge the gap for successful, savvy brokers who want to get in front of their targeted market online in a way that is custom-fit to their practice – while freeing them to focus on their offline business.

First Page works with one agent per market on an exclusive basis to make him or her the most recognized broker in his or her local market.

It starts with a devoted, content-rich website tailored to your market and your listings, and is paired with unique content and dedicated social media profiles customized to the image you want to portray - this is not a one size fits all operation.

Your time is much better spent engaging with clients and performing the core of your job rather than falling down the time-wasting money pit of aimless online marketing. Have your marketing dollars work for you by choosing a specific, content-based service that shows your target reader what it is you do best and earns you a real ROI.

We’re speaking to our broker and agent clients every day, keeping our fingers on the pulse of the industry and insuring that we are providing our clients the content they want and the results they need.

In other words, real customer support.

The feedback is consistent – lately, we hear a number of variations on a few themes:

- “I’m so glad you’re taking care of it, and I don’t have to constantly check and update my site every day.”

These clients have the peace of mind that comes with a quality service and all the time in their day to focus on clients.

- “I need to stay on top of the various social networks and profiles along with the site. Can you do that?”

Of course we can. As technology and social media expand, so do you, and so do we. We’ve got it covered.

- “There’s a new development opening in my town, a street fair this weekend and a new bill that was passed by the school board that everyone in the community is talking about...”

Great, we’ll incorporate it into articles on the site. The more information you give us, the greater our ability to build a sophisticated, tailored web presence just for you, loaded with locally relevant content that attracts your core audience.

Don’t wear yourself thin trying to out-network your competition. You work on out-brokering, and we’ll get the word out.