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05/27/2009 provides reliable information on computer hardware and computer tips free of cost. This is a very useful resource on computer maintenance.

Online PR News – 27-May-2009 – – Fairlawn, NJ - At one time or the other computer owners look for computer hardware advice and computer tips. At times, they would also be looking for tips and advice on how to select the right computer components for either to build a new computer or to replace a faulty component. There are number of service providers that offer computer hardware services; some offer telephone trouble shooting services, and some of them take service calls. However, all of them charge a heavy fees.

For those who are looking for computer support services or free information on computer hardware and computer components, there is Computer Knowledge For You: This is one of the best places to check. Here computer owners can find all types of advice and tips. The site also provides information on how to get the best performance out of computers.

This site teaches how to rectify some of the common problems that computer users face. For example if a computer freezes frequently or hangs frequently, it may require additional RAM. The site helps users find the right configurations or specifications for the needed RAM.

Many people use computers extensively but they are very poor at maintenance. At times, this may be due to lack of knowledge. For such people will be a great resource. It provides users with free information on computer maintenance. There are no other online resources on computer hardware and computer components that provide free information that is highly helpful for computer users. For more information, go to

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