Maryland Kids Birthday Party Magician Conjures Parent Stimulus Package Helping Vanish The Crush of This Recession

...due to the economy's twist and turns of uncertainty he made the decision to re-open his doors to perform for children's events again, too.

Online PR News – 02-January-2010 – – Master children's comedian & magician David Breth of entertainment agency MAGICTAINMENT officially re-opened the doors to his popular Maryland based kids birthday party magic show business called David Breth Magic Friday January 1, 2010.

David Breth has been called the "Robin Williams for children", delivering his quick wit and zany comedy antics made Breth was one of the busiest children's entertainers in the Maryland area from 2000 - 2005 - - that was a time when he was averaging twenty-five through thirty children's comedy magic shows each month.

His customers flew him from BWI into places like Boston and Michigan to entertain their children and all their friends for birthday parties.

In 2006 he chose to leave the field of children's entertainment and pursued the corporate market, which lead him to perform sophisticated adult illusion effects. David said, "I have been fortunate to perform my mind-boggling, amazing shows for The State Department - Foreign Affairs, The Baltimore Ravens, The Connex Group, John's Hopkins Hospital Surgeon and Intern Doctor Group, Colliers Pinkard, Bergman & Bergman, Wells Fargo, Small Business Development Centers in Harford, Carroll, and Cecil Counties, as well as, Delaware SBDC, PHH, Wine In The Woods events, Senator Nancy Jacobs, and a plethora of other companies over the past three years.

One of the illusions I perform, is a real "Intellectual Stimulator" (skeptics find this one totally amazing)!"

David stated he really enjoys the corporate market and will continue to offer his quality services in this arena, but due to the economy's twist and turns of uncertainty he made the decision to re-open his doors to perform for children's events again, too.

Something that made him extremely cutting-edge and unique in his market is his one-hundred-percent, tear up your check guarantee. According to David's web site, if he does not deliver what he promises, you simply take your check, shred it into tiny pieces and pay him nothing!

When he first began offering such a bold guarantee many of his colleagues laughed that anyone would make such an offer - - those who did not laugh were David's client base, they often stated ... "how much more comfortable they were in hiring someone that is a guaranteed investment (it is win/win)."

Another point which really shocked the kids entertainment community is when David Breth started calling himself a 'children's comedian' ... after all, who has ever seen a comedy club where children are in the audience.

David says, "I bring the excitement and laughter with me, wherever I am with children this becomes the 'comedy club' - - the children are the audience and I am the comedian.

This title came about when several parents started calling me the Robin
Williams for children."

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About David Breth Magic MAGICTAINMENT

Maryland based master kids comedian & magician David Breth, performs custom created for children shows through the entire state of Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania (and surrounding states - - The Tri-States).
David also travels nationally and internationally upon request.

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