Asmodelle Has Created An Album That Is Synth Pop To The Core With A Very Human Element!

Australian born composer Asmodelle has dedicated her life to electronic music, and is committed to help evolve the genre. Haunting, beat driven, danceable, and always unique tracks fill her latest release titled "Transelectrix". The music is perfect for those who like all different styles of electronic music. The entirely instrumental album uses synthesizers as its voice and possesses a very organic feel throughout.

Online PR News – 23-August-2011 – – New South Wales, Australia - Former dancer and actress turned electronic music artist Asmodelle has always brought her own form of creativity to her work. Breaking into the electronic music industry after living in Japan during the early 90’s, she has been a large part of the industry ever since. Over the years she has created hundreds of compositions including movie soundtracks, art installations, chill out events, and most recently albums. Her commercial success began while working with Night Star Pictures Pty. Ltd doing film soundtracks. The company has since released three of her discs. Actively involved in the Australian music scene as well as oversees, Asmodelle can be found scattered all over the world wide web in the form of pictures and teasers of her music. Released in June, 2011 "Transelectrix" is the perfect sample of her experience in the industry and the culmination of an artist who has dedicated their vast pool of talent to electronica.

Possibly the most unique thing about Asmodelle is her ability to create electronic music without it sounding too mechanical. Her samples fit into the music seamlessly and create an ambiance that doesn’t feel like its being guided by a computer. Although she was taught classical music, it’s difficult to tell except for her ability to improvise and use layered elements to enhance her modern sounds. Her approach to recording also reflects her love for the organic side of electronic music. Equipped with the medium Night Star Pictures studio, Asmodelle tends to use real synthesizers as opposed to software versions. She describes her recording preferences as ‘old school’ in that the real synthesizers and human production is crucial to her form of music. "Transelectrix" is the perfect example of an album produced by a master of their craft; an artist who has explored countless options within the vein of electronica and has created a masterpiece.

Asmodelle and Night Star Productions are currently working on a series of videos to coincide with the tracks on "Transelectrix". The video recording and also the release of an upcoming film soundtrack leaves Asmodelle with little time to book gigs, but expect the studio work to be perfectly engineered. The album can be found on virtually any online music site including iTunes and Amazon, while physical copies of the album can be found on CDBaby, CDUniverse, or her website. While you’re there you can check out Asmodelle’s previous releases including her chill first album "Electronic Mischief" or her thought provoking ambient release titled "Dark Universe".

Be sure to watch for Asmodelle tour dates and the anticipated video releases for "Transelectrix". In addition, watch for her third release to be her most energetic and the record DJs are spinning in clubs all over the globe. For more information on Asmodelle and her new album check out


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