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01/01/2010 added a new report on "Nanopillars and Solar Cells Market Potential" which gives applications and technologies for Nanopillars and Solar Cells Market.

Online PR News – 01-January-2010 – – Nanopillars and Solar Cells Market Potential

While solar cells have been around for many years now, it is only recently that the advances made in technology have made it possible for researchers to make solar cells more efficient. A new type of solar-cell module based on arrays of tiny pillars has been made by researchers in the US. According to its inventors, the module is flexible, efficient and can be made using industrial processing techniques — which means that it could offer a low-cost route to efficient and robust solar panels. ( )

This report examines how nanopillars make solar cells function more efficiently.

Key chapters of the report :

Executive Summary

Introduction to Solar Power
Advantages & Disadvantages of Solar Power
Availability of Solar Power

A Look at the Utility of Solar Power
Heliostat Power Plants
Passive Solar Building Design
Solar Cookers
Solar Electric Vehicles
Solar Hot Water Systems
Solar Photovoltaic Technology
Solar Power Satellites
Solar Thermal Energy
Solar Updraft Tower

Introduction to Solar Photovoltaics
History of Solar Cells
A Look at the Three Generations of PV Cells
A Brief Look at Concentrator Cells
Sunlight Conditions for Using Solar PV Cells
Impact of Weather Conditions on PV Cells
PV Technology in Isolated Generation
Impact of Photovoltaic Cells on the Environment

Introduction to Nanopillars and Solar Cells
Overview of Nanopillars
Relation between Nanopillars and Better Solar Cells
Three-Dimensional Nanopillar-Array PV
Fabrication of Nanoporous Si Molds
A Look at US DoE’s Nanopillars and Solar Cells Project

Applications of Solar PV
Stand Alone PV Systems
Photovoltaic Power Station
PV in Buildings
Photovoltaics with Battery Storage
Concept of PV Storage
Rural Electrification
Connecting Generators with PV
Utilities with a Grid-Connected PV System
Hybrid Power Systems
Distributed Generation & PV
Small Scale DIY Solar Systems

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