Blanket America Spreads the Word of Unity and Charity

Warmth for the needy, provided by Blanket America patchwork heritage collection. You Buy One, they Give One.

Online PR News – 31-December-2009 – – Warmth for the needy, provided by blanket america patchwork heritage collection. You Buy One, they Give One.

With a goal to help one million cold and needy families all over the United States, Blanket America has made that first step into addressing the issue on poverty through its many projects. Partnering with Gifts in Kind International, which is one of the most respectable charities in the country, Blanket America is determined to bridge the gap and clarify the gray areas between business and charity through its Buy 1, Get 1 model.
Blanket America is a charitable organization that aims to help needy families from all over the country through its main product, the Patchwork Heritage Quilt. When President Barack Obama, in his speech back in January 20, 2009, vocally admired the American people for its “patchwork heritage” it sparked the beginning of a great idea and the birth of Blanket America as well. And to be able to show to the people what charity is supposed to be, the organization adopted the Buy 1, Give 1 model in which a quilt bought is a warm blanket donated to a needy family. Many have shown its support for the cause with big names like Fast Company, JC Penney, and showing their utmost support.
Blanket America has also partnered itself with Gifts in Kind International, one of the best charities ever built in the country. It is recognized as such by Forbes Magazine and has helped one hundred companies by assisting in the distribution of goods, services, and money to communities in need of assistance. With Blanket America, Gifts in Kind has offered to help distribute the blankets personally to poor families all over the country.
The product being sold is known as the Patchwork Heritage Quilt. This quilt has the president’s inaugural speech printed on a beautiful background of Lady Liberty and has functioned as a medium to spread the word of unity and charity all over the country. With 13 different yet attractive fabrics on the front and a beautifully crafted statement on the back, the Patchwork Heritage Quilt can be used as a tapestry for the patriotic or decorative bedding for one’s bedroom. Prices for the comforters range from $59.99 to $99.99 depending on the size chosen by the customer.
Blanket America’s website has an interactive map of the USA that shows each state’s goal in helping the needy and the poor as well as the wishes, stories, and experiences of supporters from all over the country. Visit the website at

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