Creative, Intuitive, Professional Website Design Studio Unveils New Website

Utopia Website Design and Development Company Enter the Web Design Frey in Toronto!

Online PR News – 27-May-2009 – – Utopia website design is a small but passionate web design studio located in downtown Toronto, Canada. They have been flying under the radar for the past few years. However, with the social network, web 2.0, and online directory craze this little design studio has come into its own.

They are a no fuss no muss website design and development studio. As company President and Creative Director, Jared Tapscott says "We create websites...its what we do." However, it isn't just the web design that keeps the people streaming into their offices. In an industry that is known for pimply 20 somethings without any business sense, Utopia Design's outstanding customer service is catching the eye of some of the industries big players.

Utopia Design creates websites and web applications using accepted practices and web standards. However, they are more than a bunch of web designers on computers. As one client, Alex from says: "If you’re looking for a web partner, someone who will take into consideration your business, your clients, your budget, and your goals, then Utopia Design is up for the job. Most importantly their service leading up to the completion of the website is second to none." To read more of their client testimonials feel free to visit

As their website ( reitierates, they highly value communication and are comitted to each client's complete and overwhelming satisfaction with their designs, business processes, and dedication to each client's success.

One thing that Utopia Design has noticed over the years is that business owners usually need more than a website. They often need a plethora of design and other related website services. Check out their wide range of services at As can be exptected, they would rather let one design company handle it all. [Utopia Website Design enter stage left]. Utopia Design provides all of the services that a start-up or established web company requires, all under one roof. Nothing could be more simple...Utopia Website Design is one stop shopping for everyones web needs.

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