Florida Car Insurance Rates Reasonable Compared to Other States

Florida's auto insurance rates are lower than the national average, and smart shoppers can save even more with the help of an auto insurance agent.

Online PR News – 18-August-2011 – – A recent national study shows that Florida’s auto insurance rates are below the national average. With the sluggish job market in the state, this is good news for consumers trying to save money every month. Many drivers do not realize it is worth the extra effort to look for a competitive rate.

“So many people get stuck with their same insurer, thinking everything is OK,” says Vincent Payne of AGIC Insurance, Inc. in Florida. “They realize years later that they are paying double for the same insurance, and they have not even made a claim or had an accident.”

Drivers should take a look at their options yearly and discuss with their Florida auto insurance agent if there are ways to save money. AGIC, for example, has an installment payment plan where drivers can select how much and how often they will make a monthly payment. AGIC also lets drivers slash a deductible in half when they are in an accident if they use AGIC’s healthcare providers and repair centers throughout the state.

It helps to let the Florida car insurance agent know if the number of miles driven for work or pleasure has changed. Fewer miles driven, the less risk for an accident is how an insurance company views it. This will equal a lower premium. Also, if a driver has a better driving record, with little or no accidents and traffic violations, this can help the monthly cost. Let the agent know if a different car has been purchased or if you have moved – these factors can adjust the monthly premium.

AGIC Insurance, Inc. makes it easy to get a Florida auto insurance quote over the phone or online. AGIC representatives will help drivers shop around for the best coverage and value. To learn more, click on http://www.agicinsurance.com or call 1-877-854-0123.

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