Church Groups and Local Politicians Bring SMB Marketing Day to Town

We might expect a business association, networking group, conference or company to host a marketing
speaker. Now Church groups and local politicians are getting in on the action. Afterall their members and
constituents are business owners too.

Online PR News – 27-May-2009 – – The biggest challenge small business has today is marketing their product or service. Many business owners struggle with marketing and get frustrated because they know how vital marketing is to their success.

Author and speaker Eric Gilboord has taken his marketing expertise on the road. His US tour includes the obvious business oriented groups in many states across the country. But what he didn't expect was to be invited by non business groups to speak. His goal for small business is to demystify marketing for them.

Eric Gilboord, is the author of the best selling book ‘Just Tell Me What To Do – Easy Marketing Tips for Small Business’ and a busy speaker. He works with many different audiences but this is a new twist. What he has discovered from talking to different groups is it doesn't matter who organizes the event only that it happens.

"Everyone is concerned about the economy. Many people who may never have thought about running their own business or assisting a family member or friend with their business is doing just that. So now marketing knowledge and skills are top of mind with the general population." said Eric.

To answer this growing need Eric has developed and packaged SMB MARKETING DAY. At a typical Marketing Day (see web page below) he will lead 3 events throughout the day and evening.

Finally an expert who will explain marketing so everyone gets it. What may have been overwhelming is easily within reach. Lots of interaction and easy tips and techniques to take home and apply to any business IMMEDIATELY!

Audiences bring marketing questions and leave with the answers. Attendees choose the daytime seminar best suited for their needs and everyone comes to the very special evening networking event.

For an example of a typical SMB Marketing Day package visit http:// or to see all Eric's presentations http://

Contact Eric 416-686-2466 and bring his SMB Marketing Day to your town.

Eric Gilboord is the speaker small business calls for expert marketing advice...that's easy to understand. They generate sales immediately and grow their businesses faster. He is a popular speaker, coach and subject matter expert who knows the SMB audience intimately.

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