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According to Hitwise, in November 2009, Google maintained their status as market leader with 71.57 % of web searches. Prompting the question – just how do you get higher rankings on Google? Sometimes a little SEO knowledge goes a long way. Join a fast-paced 6-week online SEO course.

Online PR News – 31-December-2009 – – According to Hitwise, for November 2009, Google had 71.57% of search engine volume; Yahoo a very distant second with 15.39%; and the new kid on the block – MSN’s BING just captured 9.34%. Which prompts the crucial question: How’s your web site ranking for important keyword searches on Google? And if your web site is not doing well, what's a business to do?

Sometimes a little knowledge goes a long way. Everyone wants the high search engine rankings in order to gain a wider online presence, but most are clueless how to garner coveted top ranking spots in Google and other search engines. The solution - learn search engine optimization (SEO).

Who takes an online SEO course? IT professionals, webmasters and small business owners worldwide attend courses online. Some represent big business, small business, and often have their own business. Many online students are also web designers who would like to expand their billable hours (and profits) in these tougher economic times by offering SEO. For a fast-paced 6-week online SEO course, learn from a SEO firm with over 12 years of experience, search marketing PROS.

The course, offered by eclasses.org uses the highly-rated Planet Ocean eBook which provides up-to-the-minute SEO information. Take the class from the convenience of your office, home, or while sipping a latte at your favorite coffee house.

One testimonial from a former Yahoo! employee said, “Wow! I learned more in the first three weeks of this class than my entire time at Yahoo!”

SEO course subjects include:

Week 1 – SEO 101 (the basics), developing an SEO plan, studying the competition
Week 2 – steps to creating top ranking pages, page elements overview, keyword selection
Week 3 – critical link elements, link building tools, Google page rankings, sandbox and updates
Week 4 – evaluating link quality, link building strategies, 5 steps for link building
Week 5 – design hindrances and solutions, getting into the engines, suggestions for site architecture, sitemaps and the magic 301
Week 6 – measuring success, useful SEO tools, the future of search and pulling it all together with a useful checklist

Starting dates for the 2010 SEO course schedule are: January 18, March 29, June 7, Sept. 27 and Nov. 8, 2010. The class is just one of 60 courses offered by eclasses.org, where more than 45,000 students have taken online classes and can obtain four different web study certificates.

SEO course students receive individual feedback for their six weekly assignments, plus the opportunity to ask many questions. Most students use a particular web site, either one of their own or belonging to a client to optimize along the way – and many see higher rankings and results by the end of six short weeks.

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