SEO Firm Provides Google Caffeine Tips For Optimizing Your Website

SEO Market Research firm offers free tips for those interested in optimizing their website and Internet Marketing efforts for Google Caffeine.

Online PR News – 31-December-2009 – – SEO Internet Market Research firm Irbtrax has dedicated a page on their website to the soon to be fully implemented Google Caffeine Algorithm enhancement. This page will update frequently will valuable information on how to gain an Internet marketing advantage by applying Google Caffeine best practice methods.

The following represent some of the important changes and improvements that are expected when the Google Caffeine update is fully implemented according to Irbtrax:

-Website content will become more important than ever. Content should be concise and relevant to a site’s core message, products, or services.

Irbtrax stresses that this will not only make a site easier for Google to properly index, it will improve your visitors overall experience resulting in more business opportunities.

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-Site and page download time will become an important factor. Slow loading sites frustrate visitors. Google Caffeine emphasizes optimal user search experience.

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-Social Media (SoMed) enhancements. Adding Social Media features, or engaging in Social Media Marketing, will help magnify your company’s Internet exposure. Which will in turn drive more traffic to your site, keep content fresh, and attract the attention of friendly Search Engines.

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- Outbound links that are relevant to your site's theme. Quality links are important, but quality links that are consistent with what you sell or the information you provide are of greater importance.

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Irbtrax founder Scott Moir acknowledges- "If you sell tractors, your site should not contain outbound links to Pet Supplies. Unless those links point to pets that drive tractors."

About: Irbtrax provides specialized Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Market Research Solutions for business's seeking a competitive edge. Including Google Caffeine expertise. After all, being cutting edge is good, but being leading edge is far better.

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