State-Of-The-Art Multifocal LASIK Available and Affordable Only In Mexico Vision Clinics

Angeles Health International is providing patients a brand new alternative to help them see better. The LASIK Mexico procedures are ideal for those dependent on their reading glass and bifocals.

Online PR News – 30-December-2009 – – CHULA VISTA, CA – Leading U.S. based medical experts, Angeles Health International is pioneering the field of eye surgery with its brand new LASIK Mexico alternative. The brand new procedure is designed to permanently correct multifocal vision impairments.

Angeles Health International (AHI) is a U.S. based organization that organizes medical travel Mexico on behalf of the largest private hospital network in Mexico. The Angeles hospitals can be found at various locations across Mexico, including Juarez, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Puebla, and Lomas and Pedregal in Mexico City. Each state-of-the-art hospital provides top quality medical care to patients. Angeles prides itself on its patient-centric mandate and as a result provides attentive and personalized care. Additionally all patients are treated by highly skilled and trained staff.

The PRESBYLASIK procedure uses the latest FDA technology – VISX STAR S4 for multifocal, custom wave front correction of presbyopia. In layman’s terms – existing LASIK procedures for presbyopia is monofocal and adjusts one eye for distance and the other for vision. The new PRESBYLASIK multifocal LASIK procedure however revolutionizes this field by zoning the lens of both eyes for seeing near and far distances, thus giving patients the ability to use both their eyes as normal.

“If you are tired of being dependent on your reading glasses or bifocals to read and drive, then this is the procedure you need to correct your vision. For a fraction of the price, patients can get treated at a modern world class facility that treats more American medical travelers than any other network of hospitals in the world,” says Paulo Yberri, CEO of Angeles Health International.

The new PRESBYLASIK multifocal LASIK procedure is currently undergoing clinical trials in the U.S. but in an AHI hospital, just a few hours from San Diego, patients can already avail this latest revolutionary procedure in eye surgery.

As per a recent Reuters article, a UCLA Center for Health Policy Research study has found that an estimated 1 million people from California alone head to Mexico for medical and/or dental care each year. Angeles Health International is not only revolutionizing the field of eye surgery with the new multifocal LASIK alternative but also organizes several other types of medical travel trips for Americans. From organ transplant, orthopedic spine programs, cardiovascular programs to OB-GYN issues, weight loss surgery, dental healthcare and a host of general surgical issues – AHI hospitals offer a multitude of healthcare options.

“With the healthcare debate raging in the U.S., one cannot be sure when medical care will become more affordable for the average American. Having LASIK in Mexico is a great alternative for those looking to save money yet receive state-of-the-art medical care and attention,” concludes Yberri.

About Angeles Health International:
U.S. based Angeles Health International is the medical travel division of the largest private hospital family in Mexico. It treats more Americans traveling abroad for medical care than any other hospital network in the world. Angeles Health International was created specifically to serve the needs of American patients

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