The Africasia Funds Open For Subscription

The Africasia Funds are a series of boutique private equity funds managed by Emerging Asset Management and administered by Apex Fund Services.

Online PR News – 16-August-2011 – – The Funds will invest in agricultural, renewable energy plantations and forestry businesses, with a fundamental principal of owning the core assets through the funds with the management of all operations carried out by established operators in the region.

The investments will be made across the value chain around a core of farmland and forestry in the Asia, European, USA and Africa regions where we believe the best growth prospects in terms of base land values and commodity demand increases exist, along with diversification of risk, given the current food production, timber and biomass supply clearly being outstripped by demand in the regions and globally.

The first of this series of funds is open for subscription until 28th October and is a Bermuda Institutional Fund. Revenues to the Sustainable Forestry Fund will be paid from the sale of timber and associated uncorrelated products annually and at close from the sale of any underlying land assets and standing timber owned. The Forestry Fund is investing in standing, semi mature timber only, thus providing capital value from the outset with a substantial discount on future vale; with a relatively short fund life of 8 years for a forestry fund. The fund is targeting a return of over 19% IRR with income flows from the 3rd year, by investing in timber stocks almost ready for harvest.

The Sustainable Forestry Fund is unique in that it combines Teak (one of the world’s most expensive commercial timbers) with Agarwood (a species grown exclusively for the global fragrance industry). By combining the 2 species into one fund the managers have created a natural internal investment hedge; with Teak being correlated to the global timber markets and Agarwood the luxury fragrance industry and Middle Eastern markets. Also, unlike many other forestry funds and investments, the fund is acquiring semi-mature timber stock which shortens the timescale to achieving realistic returns and provides underlying asset value from the outset.

The remaining Africasia Funds will have terms of between 6 and 10 years and offer a combination of annual income and capital uplift on exit on the base land and business values with projected annual income from 8% and further profit share on the farming or forestry operations taking targeted annual returns in excess of 16% with future capital uplift on land adding further potential returns.

Currently 4 separate funds are planned with a combined targeted capital raise of US$300 million over the next 24 months in the Forestry, Bio Mass, Farming and the Renewable Energy Sectors.

The socially responsible aspect and sustainability of all the projects invested in and owned by the funds will be a fundamental principal as well as obtaining carbon credits from both the REDDS, VER and CDM emissions reduction schemes as well as FSC certification where applicable making The Africasia Funds both a socially responsible and green investment opportunity.

Environmental Impact

All of the above funds will have a positive impact on the reduction of deforestation by providing sustainable supply alternatives and assisting in reducing the current and growing food crisis by maximising and modernising production using basic sustainable practices.

The operators on all plantation projects work closely with Governments and local communities to provide training and financial support for their development with sponsoring of schools and the construction of housing schemes amongst current initiatives.

FSA regulated intermediaries in the UK and accredited advisors globally can request a general factsheet and information memorandums.

The Funds are being promoted by Plantation Capital Plc which is an authorised representative of Porte Verde Financial Services Ltd a subsidiary of Judicium Plc. Plantation Capital Plc specialises in the forestry and farming sectors. (http://

The funds are being administered by Apex and managed by Emerging Asset Management which is wholly owned by the directors of Apex

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