Pursley Law Firm Responds To News Of A Potential $1 Billion Lawsuit From Swine Flu Death In Texas

Pursley Law Firm responded to the potential for a lawsuit to explore whether a local swine farm may have been responsible for the death of a Texas woman from H1N1 Swine Flu. Pursley expressed hope for a fair resolution to the case.

Online PR News – 26-May-2009 – – HOUSTON, TEXAS - This week, Pursley Law Firm expressed hope for a fair resolution after announcement of an exploration into a wrongful death suit against a local subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, Inc. The current investigation seeks to determine whether Smithfield can be held legally responsible for creating swine flu, which incubated in Mexico and eventually spread to the United States. Mr. Steven Trunnell, husband of the late Judy Dominguez Trunnell, is seeking to determine whether the company is at fault for his wife's death from swine flu earlier this year.

Swine flu is widely considered to have first emerged in La Gloria, a small town in Mexico. Smithfield Foods has a pig farm in La Gloria, operating under the business name of Granjas Carroll de Mexico. Mr. Trunnell is seeking to determine whether the operators of that pig farm, the epicenter of the swine flu, might have been responsible for the illness and thus for his wife's death.

"We are all hoping that Mr. Trunnell receives justice. Losing his wife is a terrible tragedy, and we hope he is able to recover any damages the law awards swiftly and easily," says Jack Pursley, Firm Manager of Pursley Law Firm PLLC.

Pursley's support is hardly surprising; as a criminal lawyer in Houston, Pursley and his partners have always emphasized fairness and thorough investigation of the issues surrounding each case. It seems only natural that the firm's concern would extend to other cases, even those outside their own caseload.

The case is still new, and as such has not yet been assigned a court date. It will be handled by attorneys based in Austin, although it seems likely to take investigation across the country and down into Mexico. Smithfield's headquarters in Virginia had no comment Tuesday after the filing of the petition against the company on Monday afternoon.

If it is found that there is enough information to implicate Smithfield in the death of Mr. Trunnell's wife, he could seek up to $1 billion in damages. Meanwhile, if his lawsuit is successful, it could open up Smithfield to claims from other families who have lost loved ones to the swine flu. Although not the global pandemic that analysts first feared and predicted, swine flu has nonetheless claimed lives worldwide, and the families of victims may be entitled to compensation.

With the years of experience of Pursley's white collar attorneys in Houston, it seems likely that they could be called to counsel at some point in the proceedings. The law firm handles a variety of legal issues, including personal injury and mesothelioma. In addition, they offer some of the top DWI lawyer in Houston services. The Pursley Law Firm is also known for its openness to settlement when in the best interest of a client. They offer attorneys skilled at mediation and alternative resolution, including attorneys who have acted as the neutral party during disputes.

"We are always looking for fairness, and we have every hope that Mr. Trunnell will receive fair compensation here," says Pursley, speaking again about the pending case against Smithfield. The case has no court date yet, and is still largely in the discovery phase.

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