Chris Collins Fixes Most Of The Xbox Errors

Xbox 360 is no doubt the ultimate gaming machine. However, this ultimate gaming machine is not perfect in all means. There are many Xbox errors that have been reported recently, like 3 red rings of death, infamous E74, etc. and the gamers are very much disappointed with that. There is nothing to worry about the Xbox 360 system errors because they are very easy to fix, according to the professional Xbox error fixer.

Online PR News – 27-May-2009 – – TX May 2009 - “Xbox has received huge popularity around the planet. The launch of the Xbox 360 has made the gamers jump with joy. However, it is very much disappointing to see the Xbox 360 ending up in different Xbox 360 system errors like 3 red rings of death, infamous E74 etc. It is further disappointing to see it take ages to get the xbox fix through the manufacturers. With new games released almost everyday, you can’t miss out the action till you get the xbox fix from the manufacturers. Why do you have to rely on the manufactures while you can get xbox fix by yourself? I am not kidding; xbox fix is not an uphill task if you know how to do it safely. I know the fact that xbox fix can be done by anyone and I don’t want to keep this as a secret. That’s the reason why I have compiled a step by step xbox simple video ? repair guide so that the gamers around this planet will not miss the action”, says Chris Collins, the founder of

Speaking about the common xbox errors and xbox fix, Mr. Chris said, “The flashing red lights is a common error found with the Xbox 360s. This is an indication that the console is overheating. This commonly referred as red ring of death in the gaming world. The 3 red lights of the console will- start flashing after only a few minutes of game play and this is not supposed to happen. Once the 3 red lights start flashing you will have to go other than ending the game and switching off the console. This will cause real frustration if you are in some exiting level of the game. Another widely reported problem with the Xbox is the error e74. The cause of error e74 is same as the 3 red lights. Yes it is also caused due to over heating. Dealing with the error e74 is very simple. All you need is a screw driver to open up the console and the information provided in the xbox simple video repair guide.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Chris said, “Xbox 360s have many other errors too. Xbox 360 Unplayable Disc is another neck breaking problem associated with the Xbox. All these errors have to be eliminated to make the Xbox a perfect gaming machine. This xbox simple video repair guide will help you in building the said perfect gaming machine.”

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