Candidate Sylvia Jordan to Host SMB Marketing Day - All About Helping Small Business

Candidate for Mayor of Southfield Michigan Sylvia Jordan has taken a stand for supporting small business. Her Thursday June 18, 2009 SMB Marketing Day is all about providing marketing tools & skills, inspiration and motivation for both established and new hopeful small business owners in 3 separate and distinctly different events.

Online PR News – 26-May-2009 – – It’s no secret the future of the economy is going to be greatly enhanced by small business. Many of the new jobs already come from small business owners or from being self-employed. You may be retired and looking for mental stimulation and/or financial support, a young entrepreneur starting out, middle aged or a veteran just wishing you were your own boss. Either way a job may not always be available. The future may be in looking inside and taking the leap into your own business or taking an established business to the next level and creating even more jobs. When it comes to running a business, established or just starting out, a little marketing help is always a good thing. Councilwoman and soon to be Mayor Sylvia Jordan believes small business owners need, deserve and appreciate all the assistance they can get.

In a spirit of fresh thinking she is hosting SMB Marketing Day Thursday June 18, 2009. Eric Gilboord author of the best selling book ‘Just Tell Me What To Do – Easy Marketing Tips for Small Business’ and a busy speaker will be conducting 3 events throughout the day and evening. Come to either of the daytime seminars and the evening event.

“Southfield cannot suffer any erosion of our tax base and must work hard to help our business community stay strong and vibrant” said Sylvia Jordan.

Eric approached Councilwoman Jordan’s staff with the idea of conducting a marketing day activity that spoke directly to the needs of the Southfield small business community. Give the audience real value for their business and personal development dollars. Focus on the knowledge and power to succeed in their chosen business venture. Out of the initial discussions came the SMB Marketing Day. Councilwoman Jordan also an acclaimed author, entrepreneur and public speaker thought it fit in perfectly with her goals for helping the small business community.

“Positioning our city to develop our ‘go green’ initiatives, securing jobs for our community, helping our seniors, youth and veterans will keep our city strong and secure our city’s future” said Councilwoman Jordan.

That’s three great Marketing education events to help small business help themself and the Southfield community. Come out and keep the community of Southfield vibrant and growing.

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