Announcing Top 5 Tips That Must Be Considered For A Premier Internet Marketing Skill Set

Master internet millionaire marketers from around the world reveal Top 5 Tips that must be considered when searching to find the best place to go to develop an internet marketing skill set.

Online PR News – 29-December-2009 – – Kansas City, MO - A compilation of the 5 top tips were gathered from the internet millionaire marketers attending CarbonCopyPRO's live Las Vegas master marketing event at the Paris Hotel, November 19, 2009.

The best-of-the-best industry leaders from around the world shared with, Internet Marketer and attendee Penelope Cox, what needs to be considered to start the framework for finding the best institution for developing an internet marketing skill set.

Tip #1 - Mindset: Penelope Cox states that, "It all starts with the mind and having a level of perseverance and tenacity that beats all odds and challenges. Find the educational resource that includes the brilliant minds that are masters in internet marketing, and also provides the industry's top mindset coaches. Make certain the curriculum includes subject matter on leadership, to develop tomorrow's entrepreneurial leaders."

Tip #2 - Have a 'WHY': This was discussed throughout the event. What is the reason for wanting to develop an internet marketing skill set. The 'why' is what keeps the motivation going through the challenging times. President/Co-Founder of CCPro Aaron Parkinson and attendee says, "If you believe in the power of the internet, you will stop everything to learn."

Penelope Cox states, "What you believe,is what you do. What you do determines your lifestyle. Having your WHY is crucial."

Tip #3 - Paid vs Free Marketing Tactics: Video Marketing, SEO, Google and Leadership Skills were the hot topics discussed on stage. Penelope Cox went on to explain, "The big bucks are not needed when starting out to develop an internet marketing skill set. The advantage of marketing online, versus offline, is the cost difference. Look for the curriculum that teaches the free internet marketing tactics, such as: Social Media, Article Marketing, Press Releases, Blogging, Video Marketing and Keyword Research.

The curriculum should also include the marketing masterminds in speciality niches, such as: SEO, Google, Copywriting and Personal Branding. And, should hire on staff the specialists when needed to stay current on the ever evolving stage of internet marketing education."

Tip #4 - Ethics and Integrity: CEO/Co-Founder of CCPro Jay Kubassek and attendee says, "There is nothing more fundamental to an attraction-marketing platform than integrity." Get a sense of the company's business model and mission statement and ask if the company's branding and message is consistent and upholds ethics.

Tip #5 - Comprehensive Global International Curriculum: CarbonCopyPRO is educating people in over 160+ countries, and translating the marketing platform into over 42+ languages. This one-day event that focuses on developing an Internet Marketing Skill Set is growing globally, evident from attendees present from places as far as: Australia, India, Ireland,Norway, Sweden, Canada and Hawaii.

Select a global internet marketing curriculum that is providing, as stated by Jay Kubassek, "An internet marketing skill set to anyone, anywhere in the world to market anything in the world. A platform that is educating anyone, whether that person has a product or business to sale, or not."

One additional tip - Just Do It. Start implementing. Be mentored by the top marketing leaders. A common thread that ran throughout the discussions with the leaders, was 'just do it.' Once a person finds the right resource to provide the internet marketing skill set for their needs and mentors to guide their premier internet marketing education, then stop searching, get out of the books, get onto the computer screen, and start implementing.

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