New Studies Show Link Between Safe Workplaces and Sleep

New York construction accident attorney says that recent studies link sleep with safe workplaces, particularly in the construction industry and says that all employers and employees should take note.

Online PR News – 29-December-2009 – New York, New York – “Thousands of accidents happen every year at construction sites in New York City due to the inherently dangerous nature of construction work,” says George W. Ilchert, Esq., a partner with Lurie, Ilchert, Mac Donnell and Ryan, LLP (, a New York construction injury law firm. “Heights, trenches, inclement weather, the use of defective equipment and heavy machinery, all pose threats to workers’ safety.”

Those are not the only factors, however, that can contribute to a construction accident, according to Ilchert. A new study, he says, finds that sleep, or a lack of sleep, can also contribute to construction site accidents.

“Two recent studies have confirmed that there is a 5.7 percent increase in the rate of workplace injuries immediately after daylight savings times each March, when American workers lose about an hour of sleep,” says Ilchert. “Does this mean that all construction accidents are a result of daylight savings time? No. But what it does mean is that a lack of sleep can have dire consequences for construction workers.”

According to Ilchert, a lot of construction workers do not get enough sleep because their scheduling and the demands of their jobs prevent them from doing so. Others are lacking sleep because of chronic pain, stress or other existing injuries and health problems, often related to their job.

“Workers do not realize the negative effects that lack of adequate sleep can have on their ability to function on the job,” says Ilchert. “As a result, more and more construction workers are needlessly getting injured on the job every day.”

Ilchert and his partners at Lurie Law are encouraging both employees and employers to take measure to ensure that all construction workers are getting enough sleep before coming to the job.

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