Multimedia software developer releases a powerful Hulu video downloader.

Multimedia software developer releases a powerful Hulu video downloader to help online video fans download movies and TV shows for their personal use from this popular resource.

Online PR News – 29-December-2009 – – Multimedia and internet software developer Ramka Ltd. released a powerful program for ripping videos from Hulu called RipTiger ( It helps online video viewers save just about any video to their computers or mobile devices. The program automatically downloads web video once it starts playing in the browser and converts downloaded clips to popular video formats with a click of a button.

The developers say they created this tool to make up for the lack of reliably working and easy to use Hulu downloading tool.

“We created RipTiger because the few Hulu downloaders that were available on the market didn’t work reliably. Some programs did work, but were too complicated and feature limited. On the other hand, RipTiger was designed to automatically download movies / TV shows from Hulu and other web-sites. With only two clicks the videos can be converted and transferred to a mobile device for on-the-go watching.”

It really couldn’t be easier. Users only need to launch RipTiger and the state-of-the-art software does the rest. Once RipTiger detects web video starting in the browser, it begins the download automatically, regardless if the window with the video is open or not.

“We are actively working to ensure that RipTiger is always compatible with the newest Hulu streaming mechanisms. We have also added and continue adding support for other videos sharing or video streaming web-sites. This has increased the software’s usability made into a truly versatile streaming video downloader.”

Fans of exotic online video resources aren’t left in the wild either. RipTiger’s sophisticated engine allows downloads from a large variety of web-sites, even the not so popular ones. RipTiger will capture video from most web-sites you ever visit, not just Hulu.

How do people use the downloaded online videos? There are many use cases depending on what a specific person needs.

"Generally, people use RipTiger to download online movies and TV shows to watch on their computers or portable players later. However, it can be used to rip just about any video for personal use, for example music videos, educational videos, comedy videos, tutorials, etc".

We are constantly working to ensure compatibility with more video sharing / video streaming web-sites. If you come across a great video web-site that RipTiger can’t download yet, just drop us a line and we will add it in the future.

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