Grocery Shoppers Are Learning How to Save Money With Bigger Better BOGOs

Combining manufacturer coupons with supermarket 'Buy 1 – Get 1 Free' items produce amazing savings

Online PR News – 26-May-2009 – – Boca Raton, FL - Can you really save 60%, 70% or more on your favorite groceries? 'No problem' says Martin Sloane, author of the new book 'BOGO! Buy 1 – Get 1 Free! Save $100 Or More Every Month On Your Favorite Groceries.'

Sloane, who for 25 years wrote a nationally syndicated supermarket advice column, says supermarket BOGO sales have become one of the most popular consumer promotions. “BOGOs are a great way to save 50%, but smart shoppers can do even better.”

Each week, Publix, a leading chain in the southeast, offers shoppers several dozen 'Buy 1 – Get 1 Free!' items. One of the strategies for Bigger Better BOGOs is matching Coupons with the BOGO sale items. Every Thursday in the wee hours, Publix updates the money-saving 'Buy 1 – Get 1 FREE' pages on its website. On Thursday morning, many Publix customers are online and checking their coupon files for matching coupons.

Sloane recently added manufacturer coupons to a BOGO sale on Uncle Ben’s Country Inn Rice. “I paid $1.49 the regular price, for the first package. The second was free. I then gave the cashier Uncle Ben’s coupons, each good for $1 on the purchase of two. I paid just 49-cents for each two box purchase!”

Sloane’s BOGO Book shows how to build an inventory of many hundreds, even thousands of valuable grocery coupons. Even if you don’t have a matching coupon, the book shows how to find them on the Internet. Sloane says the Internet has become a wonderful source of grocery coupons. Almost every brand has a website and they often include money-saving coupons. That is the first place to look. If you don’t find a matching coupon he recommends checking the coupons at and

Most coupons offered on the Internet are 'print-at-home' and there are print-out limits of just one or two coupons. When Sloane bought the Uncle Ben’s, he handed the cashier 10 $1 coupons and purchased 20 boxes. “The BOGO Book explains my strategy for matching BOGO sale items with an almost unlimited supply of coupons using eBay coupon auctions and careful timing.”

Sloane offers these BOGO Tips: Ask the store if there are any item limits. Limits are usually not a problem if you shop more than once during the week of the sale. Some supermarkets will accept two manufacturer coupons on a pair of BOGO items. Even if you can redeem only one, it is usually worth the effort. If the store runs out of a BOGO item be sure to get a rain check. By asking for a rain check that does not expire for several weeks, you have more time to find matching coupons.

“Grocery manufacturers are offering consumers more coupons and supermarkets are offering more BOGOs, and smart shoppers are putting 2 and 2 together and walking out of the store with fantastic buys.”

Bigger Better BOGOs are a part of the money-saving system Sloane calls 'The Great Grocery Game.' The system is described in the BOGO Book’s eight chapters and include more than 90 shopping experiences reported by the readers of Sloane’s newspaper column. You can read chapter 8, Multiple Promotions, Extraordinary Savings on the website.

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