Market Research Study- Most Websites Not Ready for Google Caffeine

SEO Internet marketing firm conducts random test of B2C websites and found majority are not optimized to take advantage of the Google Caffeine update.

Online PR News – 28-December-2009 – – SEO Internet Marketing firm Irbtrax recently completed a random evaluation of 50 Business to Consumer websites and found that the overwhelming majority are not optimized to take advantage of the Google Caffeine Update. Caffeine is the most comprehensive Google Search Engine application since 2006, and will be going live after the holidays.

The following important concerns were discovered while randomly evaluating these websites external and internal SEO Internet Marketing features:

A shortage of fresh and updated website content.
Lack of efficiently constructed Meta Title/Description Tags.
Issues with universal website download times, mainly Y2K-T2.
Absence of quality outbound links relevant to site's theme.
Poorly formatted internal linking and lack of proper Siloing.
No Social Media involvement/Bookmark icons where applicable.
Emphasis on Advanced Flash images that cause access problems.

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In reference to information posted on their website Irbtrax founder Scott Moir states-

"The goal of Google Caffeine is to continue enhancing the speed and accuracy of user search experience. This is not only a good move by Google, but beneficial to all involved. After all, focusing on user experience should be the top priority for every company that wants to grow their online business.”

About: Irbtrax provides specialized Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Market Research Solutions for business's seeking a competitive advantage. Including optimizing your existing Web Marketing efforts for Google Caffeine. After all, being cutting edge is good, but being leading edge is far better.

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