Shirts Designed To 
Keep Hot Bods Feeling Cool

Taking an unconventional approach inventor Michael Webb has identified a way to incorporate a material blend that will alter body temperature without the use of any special equipment or complicated devices.

Online PR News – 28-December-2009 – – In an article written by Melissa Caron of the Charlotte Observer on the Hydro Cool program first designed to be used by NASCAR pit crews. Product developer and designer Michael Webb explains his passion for design. “I've just always been the type of person who takes apart things and tries to make them better,” said inventor Michael Webb during a conversation with Melissa. “While trying to find a solution to help NASCAR pit crews combat heat exposure during race events, a material blend was identified that will transfer a cooling sensation across the material.” adds Webb.

Michael Webb, a Salisbury, NC native, which is just outside of Charlotte and in the backyard of NASCAR, has always been around of the sport. During a conversation with a respected member and veteran of NASCAR racing, Larry McReynolds, Mike inquired as to how pit crews survive the hot conditions they are subjected to during a normal race event. After learning that there wasn’t much out there that would help, Webb began to look for a solution. “Working with NASCAR pit crews on a product that would work best for their needs we made great strides in development” said Webb. In fact in less than six months of testing a finished product to be used by these respected athletes was ready for production.

Quickly word began to spread on what was being done to find an answer to heat exposure, eventually reaching the troops in Iraq. Where further testing was conducted during day-to-day operations as well as combat situations. Then a syndicated morning radio show heard about the product and invited the inventor and Larry McReynolds to come in and talk about the concept and testing with both NASCAR and the Military. From that brief on-air interview the listeners took notice and wanted the shirts for themselves. In fact in less than two weeks they received so many online orders that the entire inventory that was originally intended for pit crews was sold out. “I didn’t see that coming” Webb, “the shirt was designed to be under fire suits, jumping over walls and changing tires in twelve seconds. Not for doing yard work and jogging.”

Realizing a new customer base, Webb has been working on a more practical product that can be worn under clothing or in a normal work environment. New to this design is a feature that will allow the user a cold weather application. “Unlike Hydro Cool, which was a custom product for a specific use, this is nothing like that”, said Webb. Fast activation and multiple applications of use will be available, including a cold weather solution. Users will now have options on cold or cool and light or heavy use.