'Plagiarists are the biggest threat to our Reputation': says India's top IT firm, Dot Com Infoway

One of the top Indian IT and Mobile apps development firm, Dot Com Infoway announced that they had filed several complaints about the theft of their online content

Online PR News – 28-December-2009 – – Dot Com Infoway, one of the top Indian software and mobile application development company, says that, it had filed several complaints under DMCA, after identifying numerous ‘copycat’ companies, who failed to comply with the strict copyright laws, when creating their websites. DCI's Chief Technology Officer, Mr.Vijay, said 'Plagiarists are the biggest threat to our company's reputation' and he added that despite the presence of strict copyright laws, the copycat companies are still helping themselves with web contents and designs, that is not legally theirs.

DCI, is currently taking action against the plagiarists, to resolve numerous copyright infringements, which were discovered during the mid-October. The company says that not just small companies, but some big companies are also capable of stealing online contents and at the same time has a risk of it. A `copyrighted online content' could be anything such as web designs, text content, news, music, movies, or even images, which may bring confusion to the regular visitors to the site. Anti-file sharing acts and provision will absolutely protect the intellectual property rights of the entertainment websites, but would hurt the International Internet culture.

Recently, a Korean organization for Intellectual property safeguard suggested that the power to suspend the Web accounts of copycat companies and scam websites who consistently involve in copyright infringements or illegal distribution of any intellectual properties, can be given to a centralized authority or an International body. And it also suggested that the Internet companies, which do not comply with the infringement acts could have all their Web presence, shut down after one or two severe warnings, over copyright infringement, whether or not the owners complain about it.

Owing to the recent copyright infringement incidents, DCI's top official expressed that the unlawful duplication of its online content from their corporate site, devalued its reputation and accounted for a minimal drop in visitor's rate. Especially, some major search engines which penalizes the duplicate web contents, reacted well for the complaints filed by DCI – and even some of the companies who stole DCI's web design and text contents, immediately changed their whole web site design. As a result, DCI has started using online plagiarism checker such as Copyscape, which offers premium web scan services, to find out duplicate online contents, which were copied & pasted, insufficiently re-written, not correctly referenced to the original owner of the content.

About Dot Com Infoway:

Dot Com Infoway is a leading software and technology solutions company in India, that specializes in developing and implementing custom software, custom mobile application and Internet marketing soultions. DCI's mission is to transform the role of a business using smarter technologies. For more information, visit www.dotcominfoway.com