Low Mileage Engines Announces New Engine Arrivals for Nissan, Pontiac engine, VW engine and Volvo

Low Mileage Engines (LME) is proud to announce its new support for several recent models produced by four major makers.

Online PR News – 28-December-2009 – – Low Mileage Engines (LME) is proud to announce its new support for several recent models produced by four major makers.

The first new arrival is a Nissan engine. The VQ37VHR is found in the 2009 270Z and is a DOHC engines with 4 valves per cylinder and microfinished camshafts with a high flow tuned induction system. This Nissan engine is rated at 330 hp at 7,000 RPM (in the Infiniti G37). We also support Infiniti owners and offer this engine for consumers with 2009 Infiniti G37’s.

The second Nissan engine we are supporting is the VR38DETT found in the 2009 Nissan GT-R. This is perhaps one of the most impressive Nissan engines ever devised; it offers 480 horsepower at 6400rpm, has twin turbos, and is compliant with emissions standards in al 50 states.

LME is now supporting the 2ZR-FE engine used in the 2009 Pontiac Vibe. As The 2ZR-FE Pontiac engine is actually made by Toyota, however there are mounting differences that make this engine incompatible with the 2ZR-FE engine used in the Corolla and Matrix. We are proud that we will support Pontiac Vibe drivers long after General Motors is able to continue offering services to the. Additionally, LME will continue to offer support for every other Pontiac engine 2000 or newer, with exceptions made for some older engines, and is proud to announce that if you need an older Pontiac engine, we offer remanufactured options as well. Whatever your Pontiac engine need, we can help.

New VW engine options are on their way as well! 2009 Passat engines, both 2.0L and 3.6L are on their way. The VW engine code for the 2009 VW engine is CCTA with an id of 06J100032, while the 3.6L WV engine code is BLV with an id of 03H100033J. We proudly offer these engines with our standard warranty. Used Touareg engines are on the way as well in all three sizes for the 2009 year: 3.6L, 4.2L, and 5.0L. LME is proud to continue to offer the 1.8L turbo VW engine and are doing our best to keep up with extremely high demand for this engine.

Finally, LME is happy to announce support for new Volvo engines. The 70 Series (V70) is built around the 2.5L Volvo engine (B5254T3), 3.0L Volvo engine (B6304T2) and 3.2L Volvo engine (B6324S). LME can offer a replacement used Volvo engine at a fraction of the cost associated with a new engine from Volvo. Savings typically range from 50-60% over buying new.

All engines sold by LME from vehicles originally sold in the US come with a 1 year, unlimited mile part only warranty. Buying used Nissan, Pontiac, VW and Volvo engines reduces the economic and environmental impact buying a new or remanufactured engine requires while giving a much better return on investment in both economic and usability areas. LME is proud of our efforts to save consumers time and money, and will continue to expand our line of offerings.

About US: Low Mileage Engines is a Memphis, TN based company supplying used engines to customers around the United States. For More information call 901-266-9996 between the hours of 8-5CST, Monday through Friday.