D and R Energy Services Are Helping Customers Understand The Benefits Of Solar Energy

Solar Energy has been around for millions of years, why not use some of it to help the Environment.

Online PR News – 28-December-2009 – – D & R Energy Services, Inc. is helping residential and commercial customers understand Solar Energy.

D & R Energy Services has announced they will be helping their customers better understand Solar Power and how they can benefit from it. Robert Craig, Senior Engineer of D & R Energy Services states, “Solar Power is nothing new. The earth is heated by Solar Energy every day. Electricity can be made too by using the sun, even on cloudy or snowy days. Would you believe that on a clear, crisp winter day you can produce more power than a clear summer day? Hard to believe, but it’s true”.
“Did you know that solar systems are already an important part of our lives? Simple solar systems provide power for many small consumer items, such as calculators and wristwatches. Larger systems provide power for communications, water pumps, and the lights, appliances, and machines in some people's homes and workplaces. Many road and traffic signs along highways are now powered by solar” states Deanna Craig of D & R Energy. Deanna goes on to say, “In many cases, Solar Power is the least expensive form of electricity for performing these tasks”.

If you would like further information on Solar Power, please contact D & R Energy Services, Inc. and they will be happy to assist you with your questions or set an appointment to give you a site analysis and help you understand the benefits of Solar.