Big Show Fulfillment Plans To Increase Production On Hydro Freeze Reusable Gel Packs

Because of the increasing interest the new Hydro Freeze product is receiving in the last half of 2009, Big Show Fulfillment is hoping to enter into a new deal with the inventor to increase production.

Online PR News – 28-December-2009 – – Hydro Freeze is a new product spin-off that was originally designed to be a part of a solution to help with NASCAR pit crews in combating heat exposure. The inventor Michael Webb worked with NASCAR veteran Larry McReynolds and some of the sports best pit crews in developing the first generation called Hydro Cool. However, word began to spread about the project and the unique reusable cooling gel pack he had created.

The reusable gel pack is capable of reaching dry ice temperatures while offering an insulated barrier on one side giving the user an option on how cold they wanted it. Because most gel packs are 90% water the insert has a unique feature that allows the user the ability to hydrate the insert, themselves, those eliminating unnecessary shipping cost or weighted product sitting on store shelves. Part of its Patent Pending design, once the insert is fully hydrated it then locks everything in preventing the polymers from dehydrating and exposure to the slimy ooze or bacteria normally associated with similar products.

Big Show Fulfillment, located just outside of Salisbury, North Carolina, is a full service facility that handles everything from warehousing, manufacturing and shipping of products for their clients, who include John Boy & Billy, morning radio personalities and Women Heart, a non-profit patients advocacy organization in partnership with Cheerios, Bayer and Sara Lee.

Big Show has been involved with the Hydro Freeze project from the very beginning. Donnie Pressley, one of the owners and managing partners of Big Show Fulfillment has seen the growth opportunities of the Hydro Freeze product. “We are excited to be part of Mike’s Hydro Freeze program and we see the opportunity it brings for Big Show Fulfillments continued growth”, said Pressley.

Since the beginning phases of development and shipping of the Hydro Cool apparel and the New Hydro Freeze reusable freezer gel packs, Big Show has moved over $1,500,000 worth of inventory. “Because this product was intended to be used by athletes in a specific sport and not for the public, a dedicated ecommerce website was not created. However to our surprise, through word-of-mouth we are receiving a steady stream of orders. To the point of selling out in less then two weeks”, said Webb. “Recently, Big Show has finished the first orders for military applications” Webb continued. “We are preparing several pallets of the Hydro Freeze cold packs at a time” Pressley added.

Webb is also currently working on the newest version of cooling apparel, TXR2 or Thermal Exchange Rapid Release. Testing is complete on this new version, which will be user friendly. Early reports, shows how this product could be useful for anyone that is exposed to hot or cold conditions, plans to continue their Military relationship is in the works.

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