oBand Surgery Centers offer Hope to the Chronically Obese

Increasing numbers of people with weight issues opt for this outpatient surgical procedure

Online PR News – 27-December-2009 – – Increasing numbers of people with weight issues opt for this outpatient surgical procedure

Los Angles, California, December, 2009: oBand has announced the introduction of oBand Humanitarian Award, which entails giving away free procedures to those people who have contributed to the well being of the community they live in. For this you can either sign up to attend or you can even send in your nominations.

More and more people in LA with weight issues are opting for lap band surgery in Los Angeles at one of the oBand Centers because they are a part of a renowned network of highly skilled, qualified and experienced lap band specialists. These surgeons have performed thousands of successful surgeries of both adjustable and reversible gastric banding procedures.

The reason why bariatric surgery Los Angeles or weight loss surgery Los Angeles is such a huge hit is the fact that this is a minimally invasive technique that involves placing the lap band devise laproscopically around the stomach. Consisting of an adjustable ring and attached access port it works on the principle of restricting and slowing down the quantity and of food that gets into the stomach. This leads to one feeling satiated with a lesser amount of food as also the actual quantity of food consumed goes down substantially. This is in effect a very healthy way of losing weight because neither is one starving oneself, nor is one trying dangerous surgical procedures. At oBand this surgery can be performed within an hour. You can attend a free seminar in case you have doubts or opt for a pre-surgical education. Sometimes finances are a major issue, but oBand has a patient support group which will help you. Once your surgery is over, they will counsel you about healthy living and the kind of exercises you can do.

Its minimally invasive nature and fantastic rate of weight loss amounting on an average to 60% are some of the reasons, which explain its popularity among health conscious LA citizens. Particularly the oBand Center for Beverly Hills residents is one that is trusted implicitly by people looking for a top of the line place to undergo Lap band surgery.

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