Warmth of America – Blanket America Charity Now Warming Needy Americans

Blanket America Patchwork Heritage Collection Partially Released on Amazon, QVC, and JC Penny.

Online PR News – 27-December-2009 – – In President Obama’s inaugural address he stated “Our patchwork heritage is strength, not a weakness”. We must use these inspirational words as a foundation on times to come. Mesh Gelman took these words and founded the Blanket America Patchwork Heritage Collection which offers everything from blankets, quilts, throws and decorative pillows. These fabrics are made with some of the best linen ever created. All the items are colored with red, white, and blue to symbolize the strength and unity our country prides itself with.

The patches on these products are there to symbolize how our country came to be. 13 patches for 13 colonies sewn on to strong fabric with the thread that keeps this country together. Covered with the colors of our national flag, it will be quite easy to fall in love with these keepsake blankets, quilts, throws, and pillows. Also on the quilt, is the President’s Inaugural Address and the Statue of Liberty - all of her glory, with her torch lighting the way and path out of the darkness in which our country’s economy has seemed to slip into. With purchases of these commemorative Blanket America items, we can regain our countries wealth and greatness together.

Blanket America’s dream is so strong they have teamed up with companies such as JC Penny, QVC, Gifts in Kind International, and Amazon.com to help everyone gain access to these great American products. Items will be available at all locations as soon as mid-January and Amazon.com already has a few products on sale. Thanks to JC Penny, Amazon.com, QVC and also Gifts in Kind International, we will continue to work hard to supply the American people with products they can love and enjoy with their families.

Not only will these American products keep our bodies warm, they will also help warm the hearts of all Americans. The American people thank you all for your continuous support.