Blankets- “Spread” the Patriotic Word

Blanket America launches patriotic blanket charity to preserve our American beliefs through our patchwork heritage.

Online PR News – 27-December-2009 – – Blanket America is more than a business that sells blankets. It’s also a charity. With Each blanket they sell, they give one away to a family that is in need. What Blanket America trying to do is change the way businesses work with charities. To bridge the gap between, a leap that isn’t too farfetched. They’re motto is simple “Buy one, Give one”. Blanket America can only afford to do this with the help from all of us Americans willing to support one another. Isn’t it time we helped fix our own country from within? To help people who need a lot more than most of us do. With your purchases of these fine American products you can make that happen.

Blanket America was founded by Mesh Gelman who took many inspirational words from our Presidents’ Inaugural Speech, and began to campaign a way to not only boost our American economy but as well as provide a service to the American people which is un biased and without prejudice. An act that proves the American way of life is still much alive and going as strong as ever. It’s our unity and faith that makes this country a great nation. Selfless acts are one way to show love and compassion that is lacking in this world today.

We are in a recession as we were decades ago. We must unite in a cause like we did those many years ago. The great depression gave birth to many innovative ideas like these. Patchwork quilts are from this era and it’s not without coincidence that it’s the sale of these products where we will once re gain control with. Not only will Blanket America help spark the economy, but we will be able to supply the less fortunate with the necessities every American deserves to have.