Leicester Exchanges Introduces LIVE Debates

In another path breaking attempt at evolving the debating standards, Leicester Exchanges has introduced LIVE debates. These are contemplative exchange of views and counter views among Britain's top academics and allow for the people to be a part of them and see them happen LIVE, in real time.

Online PR News – 30-July-2011 – – Leicester, UK 30 July 2011: Leicester Exchanges has added another dimension to its debating platform – LIVE debates – through which people can participate and watch the exchange of thoughts between the leading thinkers and opinion formers in the UK. These debates give an opportunity to individuals, concerned about the issue and perhaps directly affected by the same, to have a closer look at it and understand it better. These people may also become a part of the change that occurs in policies, resulting from the debate.

One of the best loved features of this debate is the fact that they are recorded too, so that one can use them for reference again and again. Leicester Exchanges goes another step forward with the Live Debate, as after the debate, the panelists are interviewed. This can be doubly rewarding for visitors, as they get to know the opinions of the esteemed panelists before the debate, then come across their thoughts after the discussion too. Have any thoughts changed? Will this further lead to any policy alteration? These questions are very well answered during the post debate questionnaire session.

Leicester Exchanges is committed to raise the most relevant, mentally stimulating issues that directly affect the people concerned. For instance, the latest topic of the LIVE Debate - 'Should We Punish Or Reform Offenders' was of huge public interest. Opinions and ideas were exchanges on the open and healthy platform provided by Leicester Exchanges. Many people know someone close or distant, who were caught on the wrong side of the law. Are they to be treated like hardened criminals, or is there some other approach? This debate garnered a huge public response, as everyone could identify with the burning issue.

With Leicester Exchanges platform, the entire purpose of going online and inviting people to come forward and share their informed opinions takes a whole new meaning. People interact with experts, opinion formers and participate in discussing key issues that may impact our daily lives. As for the topics, there are several debate issues that are taken up by the community.

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Leicester Exchanges is a platform that allows individuals from various walks of life to come forward and share their informed opinions on an issue, with leading thinkers of the day. They are leading the time tested tradition of the great UK debate to a whole new and modern platform.

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