Teaching Kids While Cooking

Teaching kids while cooking complement formal teaching . The newly launched http://1teachingkids.blogspot.com is a dedicated a resource base and a knowledge sharing centre for parents and adults looking to teach kids and applying cooking as a tool.

Online PR News – 26-December-2009 – – With the fast pace of live, parents find it hard to spend quality time with their kids. Cooking is one solution – everyone’s got to eat and someone’s got to cook. http://1teachingkids.blogspot.com says to apply cooking time to the fullest.

http://1teachingkids.blogspot.com is a knowledge sharing centre for parents and adults to help them understand and appreciate cooking as a teaching tool. Harv Kay, the founder of http://1teachingkids.blogspot.com has found cooking an incredible method to teach her 8 and 4 year old all kinds of things. Her 8 year old started in the kitchen when he was barely 2 and continues to pick up various skills. It easy and fun.

Kids are like sponge, they absorb a lot of information and learn a lot while they are cooking or baking. Just They learn Math, Reading, Science, Geography and history, Art and creativity, Hygine and health, –Social skills and Motor skills

The site is about how to bring these things to the children. There are lots of incredible and amazing tips and resources available, including recipes and games.
Food is something we share universally.

Food is common and brings family, friends, people and nations together. Share your ideas and get more information on how we can bring up our kids together in http://1teachingkids.blogspot.com.