New Book Uncovers the Truth about Life After Death

Author J.H. Soeder’s New Book, Haddie’s in Our Closet, Shatters the Commonly Held Beliefs About What Happens When People Die

Online PR News – 29-July-2011 – – VENTURA, CALIFORNIA – According to the International Association for Near Death Studies life after death is a very popular interpretation, although there is no proof in a statistical sense and no consensus of opinion. A more cautious explanation is that near death experiences suggest that some aspect of human consciousness may continue after physical death. No means currently exists to demonstrate whether this speculation is true.

J.H. Soeder’s new book Haddie’s in Our Closet, shakes the foundation of this "study" and uncovers a world that has been but barely touched by others and where speculation is rampant.

There are currently many ideologies held by many religious and non-religious organizations that argue with each other as to what happens when a person dies.

According to scientists and researchers, there are only three views of life after death possible. The first is based on observation and conjectures, made by humans or electrical devices, namely physical research or laboratory research. The second is faith based, as told by ancestors or religious books. The third is the argument that humans are not the body and for some time continue in some form after the loss of the body.

Author J.H. Soeder’s book “Haddie’s in Our Closet” relates his personal experience with his family and the people surrounding an amazing incident, shattering many strongly held beliefs he had about the spirit of Man and what really happens when a person dies.

His book is about a fantastic but true story that he and his family experienced at what he thought would be normal wedding held at a Southern plantation outside New Orleans, Louisiana. According to Soeder, “That’s where we met Haddie – a one hundred and fifty year old African American nanny. And that meeting changed all of our lives forever!”

In his book, it turns out that not only did the author and his wife have a real paranormal experience with a ghost, but all the trappings - deep temperature drops, lights flickering and a voice that came from nowhere.

“But it didn’t stop there at the plantation,” Soeder said. “Haddie ended up following us back on the plane to Los Angeles. She stayed with us for about six weeks – and believe it or not, she helped us with our kids. I would not have believed something possible like this, had I not experienced it personally!”

How she did it and what she did is all in his book. “It just broke all the rules, all the things I had been told about ghosts, spirits and life after death. But it happened and it was real,” Soeder stated.

This is the third book from Soeder. His first book True Tails, having won two national book awards, focuses on his personal experiences with the animal kingdom and has culminated in a blog site,, where he is an active environmentalist and writes about the need to protect our marine environment.

The book is now available as both a paperback and e-book. The author’s website is

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