New Website Takes The Guesswork Out Of Buying Advanced-Function Calculators
08/01/2011 Helps Students Compare Features and Prices Before they Buy

Online PR News – 01-August-2011 – – is a new website that allows users to practically customize a calculator to their exact needs. Simply enter the necessary features want and the website not only presents the best calculator for them, it directs them to online retailers where they can buy it. Remember when doing math required a pencil with a really good eraser, lots of scrap paper, and 10 fingers to count on? Then you graduated to a calculator with numbers and a few function buttons that your dad dug out of his briefcase for you to use. Nowadays, calculators are more complicated than e-readers or tablet PCs. They have preloaded or downloadable apps, 3-D graphing, color screens, and infrared ports.

Depending on the type of class, students may need a scientific calculator or a graphing calculator. Advanced-function calculators are often required for courses such as engineering, algebra, trigonometry, and physics. Some calculators are not approved for use in standardized tests. Some teachers require students to use a specific type of calculator. Because a scientific or trigonometry calculator can cost more than $100, you don’t want to get stuck with a device you can’t use. It’s important to know exactly what features a calculator offers before you purchase it.

But it can be confusing dissecting wordy product descriptions to determine what calculator includes which functions. In fact, some websites may not even list all of the features, making calculator shopping a bit of a crapshoot. makes it easy. Users can select options like key features, school courses, approved tests, and desired cost from multiple-choice lists. What they get in return is a list of calculators that fit the bill and links to online stores where they can be purchased, such as,, or

Parents will no longer have to drag their kids from store to store searching through a limited selection, only to come home to find it wasn’t the right choice. Kids will be able to impress their fellow students and teachers with their new, loaded calculators. Teachers won’t suffer the frustration of telling yet another student that he or she didn’t buy the correct model. Everyone wins when choosing a calculator is easier than deciding on a value meal from the drive-thru.

About Dotcomapps: is a free online calculator search tool created to calculate what type of calculator is best for you based on your specific needs such as key features, type of class or even what test it’s allowed on. Its sole purpose is to make a students life a little bit easier when preparing for their academic future.. Developed by dotcomApps, a custom web development firm located in Irvine, CA that focus on building strategic one page applications.