Natural Living Blogger Finds Weird Use For Old Wine Corks

Emily Gill, curator of recently published an interesting daily digest discussing different aspects of clean living, including using cork flooring as a renewable building material.

Online PR News – 03-August-2011 – – Green building materials are just as big a part of natural living as the food people choose to eat. The increase in consumer interest in eco friendly products and building has led to the question of what actually makes a product "green." recently re-discovered an article from 2006 from which discusses this exact topic. is a website that promotes healthy, natural living through daily tips and info. The site covers topics such as green construction materials and methods, clean eating, natural health, and living simply.

One of the site's curators, Emily Gill, recently published one of her daily collections that includes an interesting bit about cork flooring as a wonderfully functional green building material. The excerpt from the site, including some other topics as well, is below.

"Have You Ever Felt Cork Floors With Bare Feet?
Hello friends. If you have never felt cork flooring on your bare feet you have to check it out. It is one of greenest flooring products out there right now and it feels awesome under your toes! I also threw in a raw Thai Curry recipe to spice things up and found a great, in-depth article about organic skin care and why it is not just a way to sell more face cream. Check it out.

Wine Corks and Cork Flooring

I'm not a collector at heart, but there are some things I can't simply toss in the trash. Cork from wine and champagne bottles are, or should I say were, my ongoing pet project. I had corks piling up in ice buckets, boxes and bags, "Oh! Don't throw that away, I'm going to do something with it," was my often repeated mumble. My family, knowing that once I get something into my head, knows its not going to go away and shrewdly decided to let the topic pass.

By now, it can safely be assumed that I LOVE cork floors, which is why I envisioned my used beverage corks being recycled into soft and comfy eco-friendly flooring. The cork we chose for our showroom is harvested from the cork tree by stripping the outer bark, which is done without harming the tree, so it's a wonderfully sustainable material. The process of turning the bark into cork for flooring is also very green and low-impact. Cork pieces are cured, boiled and then pressed and even scraps from this process can be collected and reused so there's very little waste.

Ok, so maybe the cork from your collected wine corks isn't the same cork that ended up in the floor, but either way that is a great material for a lot of reasons. I found this clip over at


Raw Thai Curry

This recipe makes enough to accompany two large helpings of veggies.


2 avocados
2 (dried) lime leaves
1/4 – 1/2 fresh chili
1 tsp lime juice
2 cm lemon grass stem
1.5 cm cube fresh ginger
1/2 loosely packed cup of fresh coriander (cilantro)
1/2 – 1 cup pure water (depends on how creamy and thick you like it)
1/2 tbsp curry powder

Simply blend all ingredients together, either in a blender or food processor until everything is fully blended. Taste test. Add more water if you’d like it runnier. Add more lemon, a tomato and/or avocado if it’s too hot.

This recipe comes from Karen Knowler over at the


Organic Skin Care: Green Beauty Solutions

Healthy skin is alive with vibrating energy. It's radiant, smooth, supple, elastic, and moist. It also has a slight flush to it from optimal blood circulation. This kind of skin shows that lymph fluid is removing toxins and boosting immunity. Stress is under control, antioxidants are preventing free radical damage, and hormones are balanced. The oil and sweat glands are bathing the skin with just the right amount of natural oil and moisture, which in turn maintains the skin's natural acid mantle. All the while, the skin is experiencing a constant state of renewal, turning over and shedding over a million skin cells an hour in a sort of healthful internal dance. Every cell in your body communicates and works harmoniously. This is synergy in motion.

This article has a LOT more info in it. It is by Mary Beth Janssen from over at


Wow, that thai curry makes me hungry just reading about it. Eating raw food has always given me so much energy, and not the way caffeine does. It is a smooth energy that doesn't make me crash in a couple of hours. Eating raw is definitely not the easiest thing to do though. I have resolved to be forgiving with myself and eat raw when I can, but not be so worried if I don't. I find that keeps me from getting down on myself and lets me focus on continuing to make life-giving choices."

Emily Gill curates and maintains lively conversations about Green Living on the site's FB page

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