Restaurants Go Wireless, Go Green With Texting Solutions

Text2Sit allows restaurants to easily take reservation and walk-ins and notify them via a text message for guest convenience and restaurant tracking. Text2Sit also offers the ability to announce current specials and get feedback on customer’s experiences. Text2Sit works along side to increase ratings.


Friends Text Friends, Restaurants Email Customers. Now, the Relationships can be Merged and Restaurants can Text Customers Like Friends

Text2Sit, a software designed by a Restaurant Entrepreneur, has innovated the relationship between business and consumer. Text2Sit allows any restaurant the opportunity to text message their customers when their table is ready. Beyond that one experience, customers have the option to immediately begin receiving promotions of In-House Specials or more, via text. This software is the only one of its kind that runs on any Wi-Fi device to allow all restaurants of any size the same opportunity.

“I’ve never had a restaurant ask me for my cell number before. When I was told the purpose for it and realized that I didn’t need a pager to carry around with me during my 45min wait, I was relieved,” says Cynthia Foster. “It was much more convenient for me and allowed me the freedom to wander around the shopping center.” 96% of Americans carry a cell phone from wake to sleep, which makes it the most popular form of communication.

Text2Sit works alongside to give customers a voice by allowing them to easily give valuable feedback on their experience immediately after dining. Yelp stated having more than 50 million visits last month accounting for future customers seeking recommended reviews. Text2Sit guarantees that their process will raise restaurants rating on Yelp and customer satisfaction.

Joe, a Restaurant Entrepreneur, states, “Why pay thousands of dollars for a paging system that my restaurant can’t afford, when I can use a text based software (Text2Sit) for a fraction of the cost and no damaged and stolen pagers.” Joe represents 1 of nearly 100,000 Restaurants in California that is thinking of ways to generate more money without a large investment. For instance, Text2Sit allows, with the consent of the customer, texting promotions such as “10% off next visit”, or “Try our In-House Special 2 for 1”. Restaurants don’t pay any extra for text marketing and is 100% customized and provided with Text2Sit Software.

In addition, the concerns of health conscious Americans are being heard by using new technology as an alternative to eliminate germ transfer through objects such as pagers. Text2Sit simplifies the hardships that restaurants are experiencing while elevating the customer experience.


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