Woman Drops Weight From Over 300lbs Without Surgery Or Medication

Colorado based natural living website TheCleanGreenLife.com shares the story of Angela Stokes-Monarch as she celebrates the 9 year anniversary of her life changing weight loss journey.

Online PR News – 02-August-2011 – – TheCleanGreenLife.com recently published a post sharing the story of Angela Stokes-Monarch and her miraculous weight loss journey. Angela previously weighed over 300lbs. and was always ill. She began a raw food diet and pursued a path of natural health and healing on her path towards weight loss and living a fulfilling life.

TheCleanGreenLife.com is a website that curated daily information and tips about natural health and clean & simple living. Emily Gill from The Clean Green Life repeatedly ran across Angela's story during her research and eventually decided that Angela's story was something that needed to be shared with her readers.

An excerpt from The Clean Green Life's website, where Emily posted part of Anglea's story and some videos, is posted below. The video excerpt is transcribed.

"Raw Food Transformational Diary
Ok guys, today I am keeping things simple. I have stumbled across Angela a few times now in my internet scouring, but I recently found this project that she did. She has a video diary documenting some of her reflections on her weight-loss journey down from over 300lbs! It is inspirational to say the least. Here are the first two vids in her diary and she has more.


Angela's Journey into Health on a Raw Food Diet - Part 1

Transcription: 'My name is Angela Stokes-Monarch and I have been eating this way, eating raw lifestyle for just over nine years. Last month was my nine year rawniversary. And my life is basically unrecognizable from how it used to be. He mentioned earlier that I used to weigh nearly 300lbs. And I was basically miserable, I was always ill, I was taking countless medication. There were points where I was taking fourteen or fifteen different pills a day, into my body, and it was all allopathic medicine because I knew nothing different, at that point I knew nothing about natural health.

How did I get to be that size? Well it began for me with a thyroid issue. I was eleven and my thyroid went under active, it went hypo. And I started to gain weight from that. But that was really just the beginning you know. That was like the start of the spiral and pretty much what happened after that was I started to get bigger so I didn't want to be as active. Whereas prior to that I was the fastest runner in my school, I was swimming, dancing, you name it. Suddenly I was getting this body that was bigger and bigger, and I didn't want to be as active anymore. And food became this huge focus for me. It became like my crutch really in life. My best friend, my ally, you know, just like an alcoholic or a cigarette smoker or whatever, I got into this crazy compulsive relationship with food. Food was the strongest relationship in my life. Humans to me were just an absolute annoyance. Pretty much if I was awake, I was eating, or I was thinking about eating, and people just got in my way... '

You can find lots more from these guys over at TheRawFoodWorld Youtube Channel, where I found these.

I am not at all advocating you go and hop on the raw food train 100%. You have to choose what is right for your body. But I do find these stories inspirational and to see such a big transformation is just incredible. What do you think about this? "

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