Relationship Expert Reveals 4 Ways To Get Your Ex Back

Did you break up with your partner or spouse? If your relationship just ended you may not be feeling your best right now and you may want to get your ex back.

Online PR News – 28-July-2011 – – Did you break up with your partner or spouse? If your relationship just ended you may not be feeling your best right now and you may want to get your ex back.

Relationship expert Jason Adams of has written about three ways that you can salvage your relationship. Says Adams " a lot of people underestimate the power of their attitude and how it influences their relationship".

1. Get Your ex back by having a cheerful attitude.

Although going through the breakup can be an extremely negative and stressfull experience you must do your best to maintain a positive attitude. A positive attitude will help you to deal with the situation effectively and in a much better way. This does not diminish the importance or the impact of the experience, the suggestion is that if you keep your wits about you, it improves your response and ability to deal with the situation.

2. Be Confident.

Do not walk around like a sad sack and exhibiting a weak demeanor. It is not attractive to anyone especially your ex. Focus on what you're good at and do it, keep yourself busy. It helps if your ex sees you as a strong and emotional healthy person. It not about hiding your feelings or shutting down but about showing that you're strong enough to handle the situation.

3. Don't Retreat Socially

Your family and friends are an incredible support system and during a breakup you may need them more than ever. Their positive attitude and goodwill can have a profound affect on you. Stay very involved socially as this will show your ex that other people like you and want you around. As people show that they like you and want to associate with you, it makes you more attractive to your ex. When other people want you and appreciated you it may cause your ex to see you differently and want you around as well.

4. Look Your Best.

This may seem superficial but part of a relationship is attraction. Your ex will not be attractive to a depressed, socially inept, sloppy looking person. Your personal grooming is very important and you should pay attention to your clothing, your hair, and if you're overweight maybe start exercising. The key is to improve yourself and maintain a good look. The message that you send is that you value yourself and you don't need someone to feel sorry for you. Also, focusing on improving your self image will help you to be confident and feel better about yourself.

Depending on what caused the break up getting your ex back maybe impossible regardless of the actions you take. If what you did that caused the break up was a serious deal breaker then it will be virtually impossible to save the relationship. But you won't know unless you try. If you truly want to save your relationship then you possess the key ingredient that makes this possible-Desire!

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