Online Motivational Radio Programbrings “All Things Relevant” to AudiencesAround the Globe

Motivational Radio launches new online radio program “All Things Relevant” hosted by Sam McFarland, a long time domestic violence advocate and warrior for the abused.

Online PR News – 01-August-2011 – – Pittsburgh, PA A new weekly online motivational radio program is made its airing debut on Tuesday July 26th, 2011 at 7:00pm EST. The program entitled, “All Things Relevant” scheduled to air weekly, highlights a different topic of interest with each episode.

The subjects that are to be addressed range in nature, but many times will be topics that may or may not always be talked about in themainstream public setting.This allows guests of the show that are being interviewed a stage, a sense that now they have a platform in which to speak on behalf of their cause or their personal struggles. The goal is to bring more awareness to different subject matter and to give a voice to those that otherwise may have felt voiceless in the past.

All Things Relevant will be hosted by Cheryl “Sam” McFarland, a woman with a mission, to give her guests a chance to speak out on diverse and sometimes controversial subject matter such as domestic violence survivors, military life and issues they face, human trafficking, missing persons and a variety of animal charity issues just to name a few.

She has also lined up guests that have turned their lives around for the better, authored books, and who have spent their lives motivating and supporting others like her.Sam McFarland has studied psychology and communication at Stanford University and has spent the last quarter of a century working with and helping violence survivors. Sam’s style of interviewing is relaxed and comfortable. She has a soothing voice that makes the guest as well as the audience feel extremely comfortable, as if you are sitting down having a chat over a cup of coffee with a long-time friend.

Sam’s first guest, Rosaura Torres, is a domestic violence abuse survivor, who authored a book entitled, “Abuse HiddenBehind The Badge”. This autobiography is Ms. Torres’ personal story of domestic violence during her relationships with two police officers, one in Philadelphia and the other a Pennsylvania State Trooper.

Visit to listen to the show live, learn more about the program, the next segment subject, or to inquire about how to become a guest on the show.