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12/26/2009 added a new report on "Integrated Wealth Management:The New Direction for Portfolio Managers 2nd Edition" which gives opportunities and wealth management strategy.

Online PR News – 26-December-2009 – – Integrated Wealth Management:The New Direction for Portfolio Managers 2nd Edition

Newly revised and updated, Jean Brunel's best-selling text on advising high-net-worth portfolio managers is now available. The guru of wealth management provides you with unique insight into how to make strategic, long-term decisions in the best interests of your clients. Includes two new chapters on behavioural finance in the strategic asset allocation process; and investing in hedge funds and alternative investments. Integrated Wealth Management emphasizes how you, the high-net-worth portfolio manager must follow a different set of rules, from your institutional counterparts. The author gives you the "step by step" tools necessary to make long term decisions that will be in the best interest of your clients. ( )

Private wealth management is a new, discrete discipline, and not just a variation on the traditional investment management theme. The factors necessitating this new discipline include taxation, using options and risk strategies, individual cash flow needs and investor psychology. As an investment advisor, you need to challenge conventional wisdom or you will be putting your client's legacy at risk.

Integrated Wealth Management: The New Direction for Portfolio Managers answers such key questions as:

How do I create "after-tax alpha" for my client?
How do I define an appropriate asset mix that makes sense over time?
What are the costs associated with tax-efficiency?
How do I best define an achievable goal for my client?
What strategies of the "active versus passive management debate" apply to taxable wealth?
Am I over-estimating my client's tolerance for risk?
What can I do to assess volatility for decision-making purposes?
Why do so many investment theories ignore taxes -- and why is that so dangerous?

In Integrated Wealth Management , five major sections address the foundation of a new paradigm for wealth management: opportunities and issues, planning, implementing, supervising, and monitoring a wealth management strategy.

The author, Jean Brunel, CFA is the managing principal of Brunel Associates, a firm offering wealth management consulting services to high-net-worth investors. He is the editor of The Journal of Wealth Management and has participated in various task forces for the Association for Investment Management and Research. A Chartered Financial Analyst, Mr. Brunel has over 25 years experience in investment, including Chief Investment Officer of JP Morgan's Global Private Bank and of U.S. Bancorp's Private Asset Management Group. The Journal of Wealth Management offers practical and substantive analysis on investment strategies for high-net-worth, taxable portfolios. It provides detailed, comprehensive research from practitioners and academics on the art and science of private portfolio management.

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