SEO Marketing Company Throwing Away The Contracts

SEO Submission service company has launched SEO packages with no contract

Online PR News – 01-August-2011 – – Los Angeles, CA SEO Submission 30 Days, an SEO consulting company removing the fixed contracts. Clients can now choose from three affordable SEO packages without worrying about fixed service contracts and termination fees. has carefully assembled the most effective SEO packages giving high ROI value.

The SEO company also guarantees that the SEO packages will be completed within 30 days and provide detailed report showing the work that they have done. Clients can choose from their 30 days startup package that offers 200 high quality inbound links or a 90 day SEO package to get top ranking for highly competitive keywords.

The startup SEO package includes article marketing ( ), anwer marketing and press release promotion. This is a complete and effective article marketing strategy. In addition, local business promotion and social marketing strategies will be implemented. All submissions are 100% manual and follow the Google guidelines.

“This 30 day SEO package is ideal for startups looking to create a buzz around their newly launched website, without having to spend thousands of dollars on expensive PPC campaigns and other strategies. Since the submissions are 100% manual and done by quality SEO experts, clients do not have to worry about the quality of their links” says Robert, Marketing manager of SEO Submission 30 Days. The company has 20 SEO professionals with over 10 years of experience in planning organic online marketing campaigns for websites from different industries.

Clients can also choose from the company’s 60 day package that helps them create 25 different social shopping accounts, create twitter accounts with 100 natural twitter followers, set up coupon profiles, and also set up 40 answer marketing. This SEO package is strongly focused on social media, but with the purposes to create quality inbound links.

“Without quality inbound links, you website is basically invisible in the internet. There are different SEO companies in the market, but we make submissions gradually over a period of time to make them appear natural”, adds spokesman Robert.

The company also promote brands through social media like Facebook and Twitter to increase customer base. Besides article, press release, blog and Answer marketing they can also help with keyword research, and link building.

About SEO Submission 30 Days: Recently launched a FREE SEO marketing Ebook ( ) full with effective marketing techniques. There are no secrets with SEO Submission, it just takes time to build the links and increase the ranking. has been in business since 2005 and has helped several companies to get top ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing, saving them thousands of dollars spent on Pay Per Click.