Kari Kenseth has launched a new website, JuiceDietBlog.com aimed at Juicing Enthusiasts

Kari Kenseth has launched a new website, JuiceDietBlog.com that deals in the field of weight loss and juicing in an attempt to improve people's health and well-being.

Online PR News – 01-August-2011 – – The Juice Diet Blog is happy to announce the official launch of the Juice Diet Blog Website. It's designed in a way to have the latest information, news and tips on juice detox diets.

Even though juice diets are not primarily used for losing weight, it is one of the many benefits that come with doing a juice fast, and since it is quite an extreme diet the potential to drop a lof of weight in a short period of time is attractive to many people trying to drop the pounds during summer or for a special occassion.

With that said, don't go out and purchase the first "celebrity" juice diet you can get your hands on. The Juice Diet Blog Website allows users to read detailed information about how to do a juice detox diet, including new and easy recipes that users can use when they are on the diet, plus how to articles on weight loss with the juice diet.

You can find helpful juice and weight loss product reviews available to visitors so they can have a better understanding about the product they might be wanting to get and what is required with the juice diet. Visitors will find the recipes to be tasty and nutritious.

In addition to the information on juice diets, visitors will also be to learn more in depth about the detox diet and how it can help their bodies with losing weight and staying healthy.

At JuiceDietBlog.com visitors will quickly get access to:

> My Story

> Detox Diet

> Diet and Nutrition

> How To Lose Weight

> Juicing Tips

> Product Reviews

> Recipes

> Subscribe to the feed and get updated daily on the information posted on the site.

It is a very exciting time for people that want to lose weight and might not know how. The challenge might be very difficult but with the juice diet blog; new ideas and information is provided in such a way to where visitors can easily lose around 20 pounds or more in the first month. The recipes really make it easy to have a tasty meal made in a matter of seconds.

The Juice Diet Blog is dedicated to helping people lose weight with juices, showing you how to detoxify your body in a healthy way. The focal point of the business is to make sure that people get on the right track with their weight loss and that they have tips and information provided weekly to help them to achieve their weight loss and cleansing goals.

About Juice Diet Blog:
Kari Kenseth is an expert in the field of weight loss nutrition and the juice diet to detoxify the body. Kari's Juice Diet Blog is a website that was established in 2011, offering recipes, juicing tips, and tips on how to do a juice detox diet to cleanse the body in a healthy manner.